It’s Free Real Estate in NYC…LITERALLY

The future doesn’t look so bright.

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  1. when the cooperates are gone that these progressives and socialists are attacking, we will see how well they do when these CEOs leave this country taking their business with them and the middle class will be burdened to support these leeching idiots.

  2. This is the result of people who have been infected with pernicious ideas. The post modernist types would argue that it is not the individuals who are stealing, but the system has oppressed them so greatly that their only options left are to steal so they can survive. Ultimately it isn't their fault, it's the systems fault, they are just a symptom.

    I absolutely detest this ideology, it removes any responsibility for the individual. What an awful way to think too, as if these individuals have no free will or morality and are like blocks of wood to be shaped by the "systems of oppression". People go through hell every day and it is something that lives deep within ourselves. Each one of us has the capacity for evil, we must each contend with our flaws and integrate them, otherwise they consume and destroy us. It is an individual path that each one of us must walk, and the destruction of established systems cannot make the journey for us.

  3. Shortly after Amazon started its pharmaceutical branch it donated $10 million to BLM. Suddenly BLM started pushing for defunding. Now CVS and Walgreens are closing stores in these areas due to theft. Leaving Amazon as the sole provider of pharmaceuticals for these areas.

  4. No longer will the gentle worker accept his exploitation! Workers of the world, seize the means of produc- oh…oh they're just stealing sudafed and sneakers. Nevermind.

  5. You see a theme..or particular type of people that don't care about the consequences…
    Hmm…..I think i see it..but you can't say the obvious…can you??..

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