It’s Getting Hard To Keep Up With The Science™

Joe, what are you doing?

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  1. What do you expect from a thief, a usurper, and a High Traitor? The guy sits in a stolen office, and then has the audacity to call other people "fascists."

    It's 1933 Germany all over again.

  2. Outdoors he might encounter stupid people who are not vaccinated, in Airforce One everyone is vaccinated.

    He is also trying to set a good example since so many dummies aren’t vaccinated. If he didn’t wear one in public because he and those around him are vaccinated people would go “WhY iSnT hE wEaRiNg A mAsk?!?!”

  3. Lol. Joe has no clue what the mask is even for. Obama keeps it secret from him. Also, Obama purposely makes mistakes when feeding Biden his lines because he thinks it's funny.

  4. I've seen people say that it's required to where a mask at the airport. Even outside. Regardless of whether thats true or not he is supposed to be a president and above that bullshit. He's not and he's not.

  5. I figured out the science the first week of shut down. When only essential people had to work. Cooties don't care about your job description… Nothing scientific in that.

  6. At this point they don’t even know (they didn’t know in the first place) let alone care about knowing it now.

    Go on politicians, sit me in a class and lecture me like how a college professor would about the science of the whole situation again.

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