It’s going rampant 😡

According to Goldman Sachs we’ll be seeing inflation at 20% and over next year!





Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Like I keep saying, we don't have an English parliament, That's why. Scotland NI and Wales do. They have people dedicated to their respective countries, we have a British one the isn't and does not swear allegiance to the Country. Those democracy destroyers of Westminster took away EV on EL we didn't even have a say, Blame the undemocratic discriminatory British Westminster. No Taxation without representation!

  2. Cancel Thy Direct debit. Take away them smart meters.
    Smart meters are double the, Daily Standing Charge.
    Smart meters are smart for, French owned, British Gas. {Not Us}
    Cancel Thy Direct debit. If only, for your own sanity, just like me.

  3. This is the consequence of a God denying, God defying people ruled by a God denying, God defying government.
    Corruption, lies and perversion from Downing Street, parliament, local authorities, the education system, the police, the military et al. The apostate so called ' churches ' included.
    Throw the Lord Jesus Christ out of society and satan is allowed to step in. The protected minorities rule.
    1 Corinthians 6 : 9-10, Galations 5 : 19- 26, Romans chapter 1 : 1-32 et al in the King James Bible,. Go on, I challenge you to read them.

  4. Manufactured pandemic. Manufactured energy problem. Manufactured food shortage. Manufactured goods shortages. Manufactured inflation. And its not a planned agenda? It could accidentally get this bad.

  5. I'm no expert on economics like you ..Jeff..I can only say what i see and feel ..if the balance on the scales
    of justice are uneven. there's always going to be a problem .. meaning if the money ( 36% bonus for big wigs and billions in profit for giant monopolized company's ) .. goes only one way with no in-tension in profit sharing …..that's were the problem lies.

  6. 2 years of lockdowns/100+million in useless nightingale hospitals 100+million in useless ppe/furlough scheme. It's not just the gov's fault it also lies with the people of the uk going along with the covid nonsence even after we were told it's a mild deases from the start and a fact that stands today.

  7. This is Boris Johnsons deliberate war of attrition against the British people which is going to lead to a huge number of needless deaths in this country
    All he needs to do to end all this madness is lift the sanctions he put on Russia and dried up the cheap oil and gas which Russia says is there for you if you stop throwing your toys out of your prams
    But Johnson is prepared to kill many British citizens in order to protect Ukraines money laundering schemes and especially Ukraines massive child trafficking enterprises which feeds the paedophile rings of those in offices of power in the UK

  8. Net Zero is a nation-killer. The UK is sat on 300 years of coal and at least 50 years of gas. It contributes 0.8% to global carbon. Applying Net Zero is turning out to be a sure-fire way to end western civilisation while eastern civilisation is laughing at us. If it bothers climate activists so much, plant 10 billion trees. Offset properly, not at the expense of a million freezing children that could die this winter. Or any winter the UK can't keep the tap on.

  9. Voting for the same parties and expecting different results is conclusive evidence of public stupidity. I vote for 'A' because my grandfather always voted for 'A'. Wake up and smell the dog shit! Because your noses are being rammed right in it.

  10. Anyone with any sense knows that all the costs of COVID lockdowns etc would come back to haunt us and the costs would be made far worse by the planned Net Zero fantasies then on top of that we have the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Whatever politicians and Union leaders say we are going to experience a substantial drop in our living standards.
    Remember governments have no money of their own only that which they can take that is ours.

  11. And now the UK government has announced a rescue package to help the unfortunate people of Pakistan. Yes, I feel sorry for the people affected by the floods, but really? We're going to have enough problems here. Remember, charity begins at home.

  12. This country is gone to the dogs. I've just returned to my native Birmingham and while the city centre is shiny and new and well looked after, it turns into a pig stye thereafter. People just dump their bin bags out on the pavements and double yellow lines mean nothing anymore as one person pointed out to me it doesn't do any harm parking on them. Respect and consideration for others is out the window and there's the walking dead going around like zombies. I've lived in different countries and Birmingham is the dirtiest I've ever lived in.

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