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As Elon Musk continues to offer clues as to a potential purchase of Twitter, what are the many protestations from the media REALLY about?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Journalists are the cheerleaders of the establishments. Musk is definitely not a member of the world order. Trump was the surprise of the century and we have a fighting chance because of this type of “infighting”. Brand and Rogan are our voices, gurus if you will.

  2. Journalists and media personalities get paid so much money now that i believe they think they are above the masses right along with politicians and wealthy elite. They are not a member of the working class anymore.

  3. I would understand more $$ rather than “we can’t have rich people controlling speech”. You don’t have to be happy with someone saying I am going to offer you more than an evaluation says something is worth so it’s understood that you will sell to me.

  4. Musk having a controlling interest in Twitter vs. Black Rock and co. having a controlling interest is a choice between bad and worse, exactly like the choices we've been given in elections: Macron or Le Pen, Biden or Trump, Corbyn or Johnson, Clinton or Trump … it should not be this way. What is really wrong is the choices we are given are between bad and really bad. Besides, the real problem with Twitter is the algorithm which shows me people and organisations I do not follow in the feed, vs. the way it used to work, where I saw what I do follow. Same goes of course for Facebook.

  5. Hold the line folks…..
    Stand in the light of Truth.
    Freedom is around the corner.

    In the face of all tyranny
    United we stand

    We have already won this war
    Of lies
    Streaking across the skies
    With our colours blazing
    We light up the unseen
    Till all are home and Free.

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