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With the cost of living crisis increasing and UK households set to pay almost triple the price to heat their homes this winter, is this really all due to the war in Ukraine or is collusion between energy companies and corrupt governments playing its part?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Resources have not diminished. They have increased. we see this truth in America. Putin is at fault? Bollocks.

    Truth, I am moving to a colder region this coming winter, I will have no choice but take it on the chin.

    I get it. These globalists are the problem. Read that again. Period.

  2. This war could have been stopped peacefully but I don't think that was the plan and with climate change propaganda going hard and countries banning production of fossil fuels that they won't do themselves you push everyone towards one thing and it screws everyone.

  3. I live in Switzerland and our energy bill is going up from Jan 2023 – by about 40%.. which compared to the UK is nothing. However our petrol/diesel prices are still as high as ever, even though the price of oil has crashed back to Jan levels – and yet no one in the main media questions it?

  4. I dont see how anything will make a difference unless it's the whole system that has a shake-up. It seems like it was all planned for years. While people were believing the tv and following like sheep. Governments got more powerful. I cant see that being stopped it's too far gone. The only way is to cause chaos and hope it all falls Into place

  5. This hole energy crises is happening because US led everything" has been planning this war on Russia for for TEN years and decided its a good plan ! lol EU leaders are behaving like absolute clowns like B Jonson who has made every effort to stop peace talks between Ukraine and Russia" The EU are still buying energy from Russia through third party vendors who are raking it in like nothing" Unless the people stand up throughout the entire west there are grim days ahead like has never been seen before ! Wish I was joking" Putin tried to make a system that stops war giving the western warmongers a thousand chances but the arrogant clowns did nothing every time! If calls are not made to Russia saying we are sorry for trying to take Russia down and destroy it enough is enough and energy is restored, good by west hello global war !! Is what it is " There is only one truth ..

    The problem we have to address here is that the foundation of the global, but more so the western Governmental structures have not had the attention that's required for this day and age" The balance between what's needed and past history has not been something of discussion or recognised as a critical security concern, but rather dominated by old school ideology's allowing many exposed entry points to our most impotent foundation. The nature of the corporate sector makes these exposures by default a magnet they attract to" This is our problem right there ! We are all paying the price for this " And it has placed the entire human race in a position that what we would and need to be focusing on together we cannot achieve correctly and have placed doubt globally on the people, are balancing on the edge of global economic disaster" while the climate has begun its domino effect cycle, just go and look at the 1k year events, fires, floods, and water situation! agriculture sector" US struggling with losing its dwindling dominate position" This hugely increases the risk of escalating block confrontation and is what unfortunately looks to be a perfect storm situation that leaves us all with that nervous feeling. This is all happening because of the foundation failures ! This will all fix that problem in time , its only what price will we pay for this ? SV
    Just add this.

  6. They dont want the masses using common sense ! Energy is free once you build a solar panel and generator the sun isnt the only energy we also have the ocean tide also wind also electricity all around is above . So why they doing this hunger games society agenda all the more reason for controllers to start a war like ww1 n ww2 when germany was going through its worst recession not everyone knows who funded germany to start war it was usa and briton they gave germany billions to help with there recession but infact they wanted germany to create the war machine buy weapons so on which they did .. weve been manipulated folks lied to for hundreds of years ! The few control the masses life will never be fare while they are in control ! Whaylt gives them the right are they gods ? Sure lookslike they are acting like gods ! Only sollution apart from wiping out all therr bloodlines is to erase money if everyone stopped working stopped using money there power of control has ended . While money exist so to the evil few 😔

  7. As someone who lives in Texas, cold will not kill you if you aren’t stupid. The focus on heating bills seems silly to me. Wear layered coats and blankets, bring back fantasy clothing styles like robes and cloaks. Your people are adapted for ice age europe and did just fine. Your body creates its own heat! Light a fire if you want or need.

    Y’all mostly don’t have a/c in the UK or the EU, but being too hot is the actual danger of death because without a/c, you can only strip naked and sweat the heat out, assuming humidity is not 100% and the air is cooler than your body.

  8. reading the link you posted it seems they can remotely switch off power via a smart meter (after a visit to access the situation). So with that in mind if they decide to start rationing out energy to people they can turn it on and off remotely. So if you hit your gas water or electric rations quota they will cut you off till the following day. Now seeing the smart meters are a government incentive and you are getting hassled constantly by energy companies to have them installed, now inc saving £££ if you don't use as much peak periods – as long as you have a smart meter, makes this all seem a bit planned really doesn't it. Like with electric cars, they are much worse for the environment than petrol ones, plus the cost of electricity, the range of them before you need to recharge. It is all about control as you won't be traveling down to the coast or anywhere far from where you live anymore. They want you living and working in a 5-mile radius. look at Australia where a certain city is being sectioned off in boroughs like some sort of hunger games future city scenario (minus games).

  9. To the streets. The time is overdue. Corporations and insider corrupt government officials are stealing our lives and future. Our children's lives and future. We can and must do better. Disobedience to the stupid, ignorant, greedy, cold hearted and disconnected fukckers is the only way we can stop the global movement of taking freedoms, basic rights, destruction of sea and land for the sake of made up money and power. This has got out of hand. Future is at stake. Future that is literally coming tomorrow. Join movements that support the citizens, plebs, local communities. This is not the time to be passive. Treat people around how you want to be treated and we'll do great things together. Be honest and transparent. Open minded and accepting.

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