‘It’s hard to watch’ more Hunter Biden creepiness EXPOSED | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Newly released texts, images and documents about Hunter Biden are really bad. They prove that the President has always known about his son’s businesses in China and in other foreign nations and they prove just how far the President has gone to prevent the media from knowing these things. This is a shameful story.

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  1. Nooo! noo! NO! We need not show any empathy. What he needs to do now is to correct all those wrongs. They've broken up homes by planting drugs on people, some innocent. Professor Chris Hedges speaks on the issue on a regular, men who are locked away for years. Chris Hedges teaches in the prison system. Joe knew the 13th amendment was the real reason for the 'crime bill' he'd co-wrote for 1, cheap labor. And 2. the theft from those who were targeted, (civil asset forfeiture). The Universe has laws and it's judgement time for Joe, no sympathy nor empathy. Sorry!

  2. It’s weird. Why is he filming himself doing criminal acts. Was he abused /raped as a child ? This is all disturbing. Never thought that a family could be so corrupt.

  3. That clip of Biden, about Crack cocaine, sounded like a entirely different person than he does today.. I was listening to this while doing the dishes and it really struck me. I had to stop and look to make sure it really was him.

  4. I wonder how many people did 5 years for that small amount of CC and yet H Biden has done no time at all. Maybe those people need an apology, their records wiped and reparations for the years in jail and the years since with this on their record and affecting their career prospects.

  5. check out how snopes last year had a fact check saying 'false, it was a meth pipe not a crack pipe' and now they have a fact check saying 'snopes did not make a fake fact check about HB'. they really are creating their own truths.

  6. It is rather impossible to avoid the entanglement in the illegal business of family members. Even being aware of that is the entanglement. The president of USA never will be free of such suspicion and blame. It is the realm of pres. Biden's life.

  7. I think the Bidens benefit from that that the stuff is out there all over the internet. Because due to that it has lost its originality, valuability and trust. Ever part which is not showing Hunter Biden in picture can now be critiziced as fake probably added later.

  8. And this right here should bust everything wide open when it comes to Joe Biden Obama Bill and Hillary Clinton the Bush family The Cheney family the rumsfeld family all the way back to the reagan's if not further back to nixon keeping everything in the family this country is being run by the government syndicate

  9. Yeah but there comes a time you cannot make excuses for hypocritical people you just can't do that you can't make excuses for them because at the end of the day behind closed doors him and others that run this government don't give a better care for the people of this country and when it comes to foreign issues for that matter

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