It’s HERE: the financial crash of a generation (has already begun)


The financial crash that has been predicted for the last few years has arrived. And it’s not hard to see that the writing is on the wall when it comes to how bad things may get with this economic collapse… or at least, a major recession.

Over the last few weeks, US citizens have lost $9 trillion dollars in value from investments, pensions, and the like, due to the stock market absolutely tanking. In fact, it’s been the single largest loss since the great recession caused by the 2008 housing collapse, and the second biggest loss since the Great Depression.

There’s a lot to be concerned about. However, there’s also the potential to prepare yourself for what’s coming. And even possibly, to make a ton of money from the market going down, as many others have throughout history.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

0:00 – A crazy few weeks in finance
0:45 – The crash that’s happening now
3:12 – The second part of the drama: real estate
5:15 – The first lesson: who to trust
6:44 – Keeping crashes in perspective
7:35 – Some final thoughts

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Presented by Sorelle Amore.
Written by Leon Hill.

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  1. We can only hope Bill Gates and the 1%'s take a flying jump off the highest buildings they can find, that will fix the economy , environment, health and democracy in one glorious event. We can only dream.

  2. Greed. The financial elites have done this to us and show no accountability for their actions. They take all the credit when things are up… and deflect when the results of their actions bring us down.

  3. It looks like the worst time to invest in property, right? My offer to buy an apartment where I live in Germany was just accepted. Nothing signed yet. The price seemed very OK, but watching this, I have massive cold feet. It looks like the seller knew something I did not. Should I bail out?

  4. Moving house prices out of the inflation figures has unbalanced the equation allowing the inflation of that asset price making some people rich (and I’m not talking about the home owner) this is why inflation has flooded in.

    House prices rising would have put pressure to raise rates to cool the market slowing down the economy, but take that away and you build pressure. This popped in 2008 but instead of learning from this they printed money to keep things moving and instead of gradually slowing this down they thought they could keep doing this for ever and here we are on the cusp of a collapse.

  5. Purpose is interesting as always, but having Burry (predicted a hundred crash the past 10 years…) and Goldman Sachs (best counter indicator in trading…) discredit a bit the purpose.
    Inflation in Europe for example in France is quite ok when removing tabac, alcohol and electricity, inflation is at normal rates which is therefore not particularly a great indicator of market crash.

  6. I do not care about the stock market. I do care about my family and friends, your family and friends, all of us. I care about what will happen to people. You give good advice and encouragement. Thanks.

  7. This is an unprecedented problem in many ways. People are not remotely scared enough of global stagflation. The worst combo of simultaneous global high inflation & recession.

  8. I find it hard to watch these videos because you're so beautiful I start out listening and then it just kind of goes into daydreaming about you❤
    I'm sure what you're saying is important I just have to learn to get past the wonderful amazing you first

  9. Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen are driving this global dumpster fire. 
    They really need to keep their BIG MOUTHS SHUT but they won't because they're globalists 
    and they want the U.N to take over everything. ONE GLOBAL WORLD POWER. Have a great weekend Sorelle!

  10. I am actually afraid.🙈😅 I would have hoped that this article might give a hint as to what one could do. So, Sorelle. What have you decided to do?🙈

  11. When currencies are not backed up by gold or other valuable commodity and money is repeatedly mass printed to overcome one crisis after another collapse is inevitable, money is worthless paper backed by a promise,and no one believes that promise will be honoured so it becomes useless paper,at least you can wipe your bum with it

  12. The world economy was slammed shut for two solid years, and no problem? 🤣😂😅

    All laws on earth are squared, never linear. This mess will be here for a long time unless something drastic were to occur.

  13. As long as money is created out of thin air (fiat currency) rather than tangible assets (gold, silver, grain just to name a few) crashes will remain inevitable. The reality however is: the fiat currency system together with fractional reserve banking has been deliberately designed to make the rich richer. The monetary system is deliberately fraudulent so governments can steal wealth unhindered and with impunity via printing money which is inflation. It is intentional, willful fraud and theft!

  14. The economy CAN be saved! People NEED TO WAKE UP! This crash is DELIBERATE TO SUIT THEIR AGENDA! The corporate greed and ELITE could litrally ALL put 40% of their net profits in UNPAID taxes through loop holes they navigated through to avoid in the first place! THEY COULD DO THIS AND SAVE THE ECONOMY AND THEY WOULD STILL BE DISGUSTINGLY RICH! This is now about Totalitarianism and Global control! WAKE UP PEOPLE! FOR GOD SAKE WAKE UP!

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