It’s Hiding in Plain Sight

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. Democrat voters and their politicians are fools! Everything they do is a lie and never truthful! 
    What a nasty party of unborn baby murders! Trash!

  2. PBS reported the biggest load of crap I have ever heard yesterday. They are really sick greedy power hungry criminals. Investigation of the MSM criminals is what is needed.

  3. Democrats run the sex trafficking industry. Where's the investigation? Epstein Island? That was conveniently obscured by Covid-19 and BLM just as Bill Clinton was on deck to be investigated. Coincidence?

  4. What's a miscarriage is that I woke up and discovered a lot of people in my country that aren't proud of it and don't love it. Being red pilled is a good thing and wouldn't want to change that. But i will always miss the days when I was asleep and believed all were for our country.
    God speed.

  5. Keep talking Mark. There are not enough real news coverage about real topics. It is all changed to be political correct by the news stream media.

  6. I've been depressed ever since sleepy joe took the oath…
    The election was stolen and we all know it…somehow I thought that the military was going to step in challenge the election…you know because they took an oath to defend the constitution…but no one is doing anything. I can't believe we're stuck with Biden.
    His son and all the swamp are getting away with murder, literally.
    What is going on anyway?

  7. Ok, finally mentioning radical Islamists! Thought mark was only gonna stay talking about israel. Btw- why would the fbi redact the info on the shooter