its just a cold bro

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its just a cold bro

#coronavirus #wuhanflu #china

Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


  1. were there a chinese woman who went to france after she found out she hs the virus and posted it on face book? if its true i kinda wish chinese worked harder to force people into quarantine