“It’s just a lockdown” “it’s just a jab” …no, it’s not just

A few weeks ago David Limbrick gave a powerful and timeless speech at a protest against the upcoming pandemic legislation outside the Victorian Parliament.

Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick represents Melbourne’s South-Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament, you can see more from him here:


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  1. yet cops behind the speaker sit there like morons as a politician exposeses the real truth, cops are just robots and follow orders no matter how evil and wrong it really is, soon enough they will be directly affected and their wives and kids or husband and kids, klet them all get what they have dished out to us in its fullest, I have no pity for cops after all the damage they have created.

  2. We love you, David! What a great politician and a true gentleman you are. Thank you for respecting the people! Can you please run for premier somehow? We have SO much respect for you too and now we know what a bunch of clowns are serving in parliament and your integrity is showing them up!

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