It’s Just Beginning And Will Get MUCH Uglier…

It’s Just Beginning And Will Get MUCH Uglier…

This video explains the truth about the current situation and how it’s now confirmed this will keep going.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I wore your “I’m Joe Biden & I forget this message” to my locally owned hardware store.. I ordered 2 more chickens from them as well & bc I had such a good conversation w the owner about the current state of the world (she liked my shirt) the owner gave me our 2 new chickens for free! We pick them up March 28th

  2. Some say Poo Tin is behind this madness. For it's true that Poo Tin has seen many behinds. Poo Tins with Biden Bidets tend to clean better but that depends on the user. At the end of the day we are still in s hit.

  3. Luke you are getting as bad as the MSM there's hardly anything happening on the streets of the Ukraine. The MSM have set up film sets to make people believe there's a war going on. Be a journalist and get your feet over there. Or at least speak to someone who lives there. You might not put out the same MSM fear campaign then. One Love to ALL

  4. They just announced progress in peace talks. It's simple we were ready to wipe Cuba off the maps over Russian nukes and they were withdrawals, why would you expect Russia to except them within minutes of their population?

  5. Forgetting about Pfe CEO blaming BioNTech for Issues with Jabb🇨🇳😂🇪🇺Chechens R going to make the Immortals look like choir boys🇪🇺😂🇨🇳The Peasants always take the brunt of all Elite Wars🇨🇳😂🇪🇺Zel in living comfortably in Warsaw🇪🇺😂🇨🇳We all know you are becoming more like Gettr🇨🇳😂🇪🇺Push the Narrative and forget about what they did for the last 2 years🇪🇺😂🇨🇳

  6. They said the same thing in Syria, remember Obama said if Assad used chemical weapons it would be a red line that would bring the US into the conflict? which is exactly what the ISIS "freedom fighting" groups fighting Assad wanted, and then miraculously shortly after that exact thing occurred. Obama was incentivising them to conduct a false flag chemical attack to bring the US in, and now they are saying the exact same thing to the Ukrainians. So yeah now I think chemical weapons will be used, to be blamed on Russia.

  7. If you are an American journalist going to Ukraine to cover the war, remember that as an American journalist you are viewed as a propagandist and an enemy of Russia. Just like any Russian is being targeted for being canceled and having assets frozen. So, of course you are likely to end up dead. That's how war works. Tit for tat.

  8. How can you say, what isn't a waste of money is your merch. Then you laghing as your saying it. You know food prep and saving is more important then buying useless clothes. I know u need money too but you promoted your merch in the wrong way. I'm truly disappointed you used that opportunity to promote.. SMH.

  9. How many wars has Putin started compared to the west.
    If the swamps creatures in the west stayed out of other countries politics etc then this ukraine thing wouldn’t have happened
    Don’t forget america you didn’t like russia putting weapons in a country near you,so what’s the difference now?
    Russia has always warned ukraine don’t even think about joining that shit thing called nato

  10. You people have forgotten how many people Russia lost during their struggle against the German Nazis during ww2. Now, the West is poking the Bear in their ignorance. It's the Nazi Azov battalion that will be letting loose the Bio, Chemical, and Nuclear pollution in that area of combat… Wake up and read the history don't let the media give their distorted view…. THINK!!!

  11. I think there's some money in there for a new equity program for the new schools that Joe's nephews will be the contracting company responsible to rebuild after they all get destroyed.
    Thanks Luke, you're a good man

  12. Why you assume Russia is the bad guy here? Don't you know the US did exactly the same with the Cuban missile crisis and Nato? Russia warned them 2014 if Ukraine signed up with nato it would attack and wouldn't allow US troops next door.

  13. When an Animal defiles and destroys its habitat, Biologists recognize that Animal as being mentally ill.
    Nuclear Power is simply too risky, destroying a non renewable resource like Water via pipelines and fracking is untenable for our Progeny. Competition for historical energy sources has led to World War(s). The Denial that has led to the current crisis is not going to save us. As when a Person is told by their Physician they must change their ways, or die, there must be a complete change, or their will be death.

  14. Luke, apparently Putin kept his distance from Macron because he refused to take a Russian covid test. Idk where that came from but Rogan said a friend of his told him that.

  15. There are about a million things that could be said about this conflict, but Luke is just repeating what you'd hear on CNN or whatever. Not very interesting analysis. Like most commentators, he's either woefully uninformed or too scared to stick his neck out.

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