It’s More About Marketing Than Markets…

Forecasts for 2022 were wrong, so wrong, so what about 2023? Perhaps it is not about being right, but more about marketing? So, in that context, are forecasts worth the paper they are written on, and should anyone care?

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  1. Of course low interest rates causes high inflation. Just looked at Japan. Their interest rates have been so low for so long they must have massively high inflation. Right???

  2. One forecast that is based on both geology and data: Global supplies of energy commodities will continue to tighten, except for iron and aluminium ores, most geological commodities, phosphorus, potassium, copper nickel etc., will also tighten in supply. To the point that supplies of food and energy will be short of that required to support the current population to 2100.

  3. Yahoo finance posted article 14/12 Wespac warning of increased interest rates in 2023 and that it will impact some of thier customer. One intresting line was :We are prepared for this cycle given the quality of out loan portfolio and the strenghth of our balance sheets /profits.
    How can the bank say they were prepared yet Philip Lowe turn around and say this was unexpected?

  4. Pumping money into the economy fuels inflation then deflation must occur but inflation will continue upward. It's that simple however, I don't see central banks easing rates and wages need to rise this by definition keep blowing up the bubble. The bubble is larger than 1945 so if its to be let down through interest hikes, inflation will keep going up.

  5. I recall that Roger Brown had forecast a demise in 2022 plus higher interest rates, and boldly called as such. They don't make em like that anymore, May he RIP🙏.

  6. “Nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in fucking circles, least of all stockbrokers, right? Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not fucking real.”
    Mark Hannah, Wolf Of Wallstreet.

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