It’s NEVER Enough

No amount of “progress” is enough for the so called progressives.

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  1. It's almost as if percentage of a certain group within the larger population dictates the factor of which a certain type might end up doing a certain job, a 1.4% out of a 100 can't say they deserve 50% due to being a portion of the cake, that's stupid and makes no sense.

    Electing someone for reason of race is meaningless, does the opposite to actual equality and only further creates a divide.

  2. I find it strange that somehow we're expected to make sure that minorities are "fairly represented" in elected positions. That's extremely inorganic and goes against the principles of democracy

  3. I immigrated to The United States Of America in 1992.
    It is killing me to see where this country is going.
    NPR was always left of center, but now they, and countless COUNTLESS institutions are moving into CRAZY radical leftism with light speed.
    Modern American leftism is now FAR MORE RADICAL than the place I grew up, USSR (1968-1992).
    I am 100% serious.

  4. What l find amazing is that African Americans are only 12.5% of the US population and other ethnic groups such as Latinos and Asian Americans are a higher percentage of the population.!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😱😱😱

  5. I'll bet 1000$ those posts are written by a black person. I'm black myself and I can see that the black racism is really hitting new lows everyday. The crazy part is that the black racism isn't coming from a place of power! But from envy! It's pathetic and it is "allowed" to be by whomever in power. It means they're just tools.

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