It’s not the same Spike Protein and they didn’t tell you!

In the recent round of Senate estimates in April, I asked the head of the TGA, Mr Skerritt, questions about the delivery of the vaccine and the how the body is meant to stop the production of the spike protein that is initiated by the vaccine.

Sadly he was unable to clearly enunciate clear and concise answers.

Please note the following points:

1. When asked about biodistribution studies Skerritt said the distribution of the Lipid Nanoparticles is below the internationally assessed level for genotoxicity. The biodistribution of the LNP’s was assessed in a small number of rats for 48 hours only, despite concentration levels showing higher levels on the second day. The TGA has no idea what the level of concentration of LNPs are in humans and given they did not contain the active ingredient (i.e. the mRNA producing spike protein) have no understanding what is a safe level.

2. Skerritt stated there was no evidence of ill effects from LNP’s. This is incorrect as there were anomalies in the rats tested. Otherwise there was no evidence of ill effects because there wasn’t any evidence at all. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!

3. After stating there was no evidence of ill effects Skerritt states there is a risk of myocarditis and heart issues. One of his many contradictions.

4. Skerritt implies that the vaccines had to be rushed out because a couple of million of people would have been hospitalised or died from Covid. This is an outrageous statement. No other country in the world had a combined hospitalisation and death rate of 10% during the Covid pandemic.

5. When asked about genotoxicity studies, Skerritt implied he would have to consult as to what information he can provide as there were over 200,000 pages on the vaccines. This is another contradiction as previously the TGA has said there were no documents on the genotoxicity studies.

6. Skerritt then implies genotoxicity studies were done in vitro i.e. in the laboratory and went on to say this is the only way to assess the modifications to the spike protein. No its not. Regardless of what the studies in the laboratory show, tests must still be conducted in humans to ensure safety. It is also worth nothing that Skerritt dismissed in vitro studies on ivermectin that showed it had broad ranging anti-viral properties. Another one of his contradictions. How many are we up to now?

7. Skerritt stated there were no functional changes as a result of modifying the spike protein. This is incorrect. The spike protein produced by the vaccine was modified for the exact purpose of improving it’s functioning. Namely to avoid the innate immune system and increase reliability and stability. As a result, the modified vaccine produces MORE spike proteins than the virus!

8. Skerritt could not answer my question as to what is the off switch for producing spike proteins. He deflected on numerous occasions. You will note that he was more than happy to say how the spike protein was created but couldn’t really say when production of the spike protein would stop. Given the mRNA has been modified to last longer and be more stable it would last a lot longer than normal mRNA. Furthermore studies have shown that mRNA last up to 60 days, not the 48 hours stated by Skerritt. It is also worth nothing that even once the mRNA stops producing spike proteins, spike proteins still remain in the body for an unknown period of time.

9. Skerritt states it is only a tiny amount of mRNA being given in the vaccine and therefore can’t do much damage to organs. There are billions of molecules in a dose. This is an ingenious statement as the virus proteins are tiny as well, but have the potential to kill as we have been repeatedly told ad nauseum the last two years.

10. His final remark stating that there is no evidence that the spike protein does any damage is partially correct in the sense that the active ingredient i.e. mRNA producing the spike protein was never tested in live animals or humans.

Which is exactly why the TGA aren’t doing their job correctly, because they are not assessing all possible risks.
The 123,500 reported and suspected adverse events from the Covid vaccines should be enough evidence of a safety signal should they not?


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  1. Thank you senator, for asking these arrogant, callous and inhuman people the questions which affect the rest of us. It is clear there is absolutely no care in these peoples hearts at all. Thankyou for standing up for the people!

  2. lol buddy basically said there is a longer more intense process to decide what information about the product we can release to the public, than there is in developing the actual product and making sure its safe for said public. RIGHT THERE IS WHEN YOU CHARGE HIM WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY lmao wow what a show.

  3. We need the names of the "roughly 105" people working in his labs. Only right if they are deciding what we have to do to our bodies to remain earning for ourselves and our families. Frankly, the fact NONE of this type of conversation took place before potato gave his edict and became complicit, is a crime in itself.

  4. The fact that further research into adverse effects were needed to understand side effects is exactly why the vaccine A. Should never have been made mandatory, and B. Should have gone through the proper testing period, rather then rushed through at least then 25% of the progress it's supposed to have taken

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  6. Actually the synthetic vaccine m RNA persists up to 2 months after the vaccine application in various tissues especially in lymph nodes. Published data.! The synthetic structure of the vaccine m RNA is also designed for stability and up to 10 times more protein synthesis( SPIKE proteein). This produce an overload in the cell called ER (endoplasmatic reticulum) stress. Some of the consequences are: inflammation, cell death and precocious induced cell senescence. In other words : an accelerated aging off the system.

    The biological consequence of this "preventive "intervention boils down to an accelerated aging of the entire biological system especially the cardiovascular, neurological and immune system. The cellular age of a person ist more advanced as the age in his driver licence. These aspects are reflected in increased cardiovascular and neurovascular as well as immune mediated diseases related to immune senescence.
    This impact on the immune system has long term consequencec : reduces the resilience of the biological system thus
    Increasing the risk for further infection , autoimmune and malignant diseases.

  7. Is it true Canada’s Trudeau has personal or the family foundation is 40% vested in the Alberta canada labs. they are the lipid makers. for all vaccines.

  8. The Covid death rate was 1%, however that was only so long as hospitals weren’t overwhelmed and everyone who needed hospital treatment got it. If we hadn’t had lockdowns, then the death rate would’ve been more like 3%. On top of that, if we’d let the original Covid virus go through the population before we had a vaccine, then we would’ve had a far higher percentage with long Covid. In the UK, for example, there are nearly a million people now living with long Covid.

    However, the vaccine has definitely had an adverse effect (usually neurologically) on maybe 1 in 100. That is significant and these people need listened to. UNFORTUNATELY, the conspiracy theorists/religious nuts/anti-Gov illiterates are tarnishing the cause of legitimate people who have been damaged by the vaccine. Please go find something else to scaremonger about.

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