It’s Official: They Lied

As we discover that the effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than are dying of Covid, can we add lockdowns to the list of illegitimate mandates that we were right about all
along? #lockdown #covid #pandemic

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. My binge eating & drinking increase 1000-fold, during lockdowns & medical shaming. I am just now trying to get my life back together, again, after 2 years, prior to lockdown, being sober & eating healthy.

  2. NEW WORLD ORDER is in full flow ! Next step , gas / elecric ! Starve us out of our own homes , offer to buy half ya house to pay your debts . Bosh ! Puppets on a string. Twts lot of em

  3. Russel Brand is wrong here. More people did not die from other conditions other than the virus.

    People did die of more diseases, however, that was because hospital ICUs were filled with COVID-19 patients, and so lots of regular preventative medicine and surgeries wasn't being done.

    Lockdowns were done because from January 2020 to mid-March 2020, the virus spread in large densely-populated cities that were travel hubs. By that time, there were 10s of millions of people who were/had been infected, and from 100,000 to 200,000 people were destined to die.

    The point of lockdowns was to stop the spread until either the disease was gone out of a local population or there was a vaccine.

    And no, the lockdowns were not worse than the negative side-effect of lockdowns.

    The spread could have been stopped in a month, but large numbers of Americans, denying reality, refused to wear a mask and to social distances, and refused to follow the CDCs indoor guidelines. They spread the disease to their neighbors.

    People spread it during the incubation period of the disease before they got sick. About 40% of people had little or no symptoms when infected, and they spread the disease without ever realizing what they were doing.

    And, now, well over 1 million Americans are dead.

    The U.S. has among the largest per-capita COVID-19 death rates of all countries in the world. Only a few countries did worse, and they also had people who refused to stop the spread.

    People failed to learn from the 1918-1919 pandemic, where again there were antimaskers and disease deniers who spread the disease.

  4. LOCKDOWN was a sinister and well orchestrated bullying. I can understand closing public places down, but arresting people for not complying is fascism. One poor woman was not allowed to touch her daughters coffin at her burial, Disgusting ! Stopping people being out in the sun and fresh air was unbelievable. Totalitarianism pure and simple.

  5. Thank you Russell for continuing to speak up!

    During the time of the lockdowns, I knew more people to lose their lives due to mental health issues then I knew of people who died with COVID. Most of whom were under the age of 23. Absolutely heartbreaking.

    Also, due to California stopping outpatient services for 6+ months, my sister could not get her routine blood draws in order to stay on her main psychiatric medication. They switched her to a medication that did not work and her behavior became erratic. She was no longer able to live on her own as she had done her entire life. The County tried to take conservatorship of her, it took us many months to fight for her because court proceedings were also shut down and while being locked in a facility for 6+ months, she became unable to walk and is now in a wheelchair. The issues that go on inside these facilities are also a major problem. With people not being able to visit their loved ones and do wellness checks, these facilities have not been providing proper care.

    Lockdowns are also extremely concerning considering the fact that remaining somewhat active and getting sunlight is very important to recovering from COVID. Very strange that their guidance was the opposite. They didn't even let people know the benefits of vitamin d and zinc against COVID.

    I strongly believe that a majority of the heart problems that we're seeing now are related to the vaccine. AFib has never been a common problem and we're seeing it on a large scale now. So much so that they have been running commercials about AFib now, which of course offer a Pfizer pill to remedy it. I know 4 people in their 20's who thought that they had a heart attack but it has been diagnosed as AFib. In total, I now know 15 people who have developed AFib since receiving their shot. One of them being my mom who has also recently developed a brain aneurysm.

    I also can't help wondering if the increase in cancer patients is related to the vaccine as well. Some immunologists have stated that the vaccine may prevent your t-cells from fighting cancerous cells in your body. With personally seeing so many young people with rare forms of cancer now, I believe this to be true as well.

    What they have done is absolutely horrifying and it's still ongoing!

  6. The pandemic woke me up.. not everyone that claims to be a friend is a friend, the government has never cared about its citizens who pay them by the way. Big pharma is a threat to humanity more than covid ever was.

  7. I can confidently say I have never been more unhealthy than I am right now. And yes, this has been a direct result of the Covid lockdowns. My diabetes was affected very negatively by them and I am still suffering the consequences. I am planning to get more healthy this winter, but it's gonna be pretty difficult.

  8. I am a school principal (head master), just wait until you see the levels of illiteracy and lack of empathy in this lockdown face mask generation. It is heartbreaking. I was screaming from the rooftops in the USA. The powers that be just didn't care.

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