It’s Over

Elon Musk is now Twitter’s biggest shareholder – so will the platform become a vessel for free speech or continue to protect powerful interests? #ElonMusk #Twitter #Trump


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I believe he aims to give more freespeech to the people, I believe he wants to unban pretty much every user that wants to come back, I believe he wants to remove shadowbanning, I believe he doesn't want speech hidden/censored even if it harms Elon himself.

  2. Not a victory for free speech, Algorithm says No? as twitter is just what its name suggests just twitter. Tweet Tweet! Cheaper lecky cars please Elon?

  3. Looks to me like he's taking a stand against the world cult. The world powers literally own main stream media. He's trying to get a hold on some mainstream media to combat the world powers. Follow the money

  4. This has nothing to do with whether you like him or not, its to do with freedom of speech and if it can be salvaged. Unfortunately most people are sheep and can be coerced into liking or disliking someone based on other people opinions or agendas, whilst unknowingly having their own freedoms removed.

  5. Ironically I’m based in Australia, Victoria for that matter, and on this video the google sponsored link is the for the DHS of Victoria, I find it amusing the multi dimensional clash of view points, interestingly this dynamic is an overall analog of the point of this video, I commend Russel for continuing to ask questions of his audience, his framing is balanced and for this I appreciate this content.

  6. MSNBC is terrible can we all agree on that? Instead of mainstream media choosing to do better reporting and giving non bias opinions they just doubled down on their propaganda.

  7. Free speech IS free speech, no matter who is speaking. If free speech is determined by who is speaking, it is NOT free speech. Each unique individual has freedom of speech. Mario Salvio settled this question! He LIVED the First Amendment!

  8. I think this will be good for Free Speech. Level the playing field. As it stands it’s completely one sided and biased. Interested in seeing how this goes for social media communications. I know some people love their echo chambers but if we don’t have the opportunity to see other viewpoints then progress can never be made. We’ll see..Elon seems pretty middle of the road honestly i don’t know where he stands politics wise but it seems that he really appreciates an open platform and that’s the most important thing here.

  9. Elon has no authority to change or influence company policies, one of the condition when he purchased shares.
    If he guns for a aggressive take over & purchase Twitter out right then he can make policy changes within Twitter for better or worse we just have to wait & see.
    All that I know is that Elon doesn't do anything just on a whim, he has big plans, watch this space.

  10. The interaction of Homo Sapiens has always required rules and referees to keep things fair. Social media is a new form of "interaction" . It's complicated. The evolution will take time. And the beat goes on …… Peace ! ….. whatever that means. lol

  11. I think facts, behaviour and action are easier to judge and understand so I will sit and wait observing how Twitter will conduct censorship and free speech matter

  12. The fact any one person /corporation can wield power over so many is the real problem. No corporate own social media platform can allow free speech, the "product" must be controlled to ensure profitability. We must move to Peer to peer social media app, so long as our speech remains monitored , filtered , censored by unknowns , we will remain forever slaves.

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