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  1. Hey did you know that during the eucharist the grape juice and crackers turn into the ACTUAL blood and body of christ?? Another literal pagan ritual adopted in one form or another to attract converts.
    Like Mark says, some more literal than others.
    For reference see human sacrifice thru the ages and scapegoating.

  2. I knew about the Bohemian Grove years ago from my mom, who read the SF Chronicle avidly.

    The "gotcha" reason the paper covered it was members were peeing on the trees and harming them. Push the environmental crap aside, and the paper gave you the gist.

    That was when MSM leaked the truth, when the saber-tooth kitties and the wooly mammoths played.

  3. AJ has been right all along and sadly a bunch of flaccid and impotent naysayers and going to realize why he has been so aggressive. " Because It's not game!" AJ

  4. As soon as I saw the YT Context Box, I knew it was something interesting and over the target! Wikipedia is not a factual go to place for information. I never use Wikipedia when looking for the truth! It’s good for referencing names & titles. That’s the extent of its usefulness.

  5. I see YouTube had to add their own thoughts about it to try and undermind yours. Pretty crazy seeing what things they choose to try and control the narrative of.

  6. Don't worry Mark they got to Britannica Encyclopedia in the 1970's one whole, Yep A WHOLE ENCYCLOPEDIA in the series was about Islam. So this redirect to Brittanica is typical. I still have that one too. It seemed like brainwashing not like a feature for our interest.