It’s “Safe & Effective” ? New Serious Adverse Event Report

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Harm-benefit analyses should ALWAYS be considered in any therapy, treatment. The fact that this was ignored over the past several years is why I’m making this video and reviewing this paper.

Let’s dive into this new report:

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  1. Safe & Effective
    “If you walk into a room and there is a gun on the table and you pick it up, put it to your head, pull the trigger and it goes click;
    You may not have been harmed but that is not safe behavior.
    Safe means it is known to be harmless.”
    – Bret Weinstein

  2. Thanks for your video…I’m an Infectious Diseases Specialist and have been working to educate my patients and colleagues your exact point. The vaccines have been helpful for those with high risk of serious, life threatening illness due to COVID-19, but not for those with minimal to almost zero risk.

  3. any person capable like me knew 1 week into the pandemic that it was bullshit and thats why i dont take the vax. After that week it became more obvious with outright lies

  4. my husband is 23 years old and has End stage renal disease and he needs a new kidney. they took him out of the kidney transplant list because he is unvaccinated. they want him to get the mrna vaccines and boosters. and he has high blood pressure already because of his kidneys… so we are stuck… and he only had covid once the original strain and was asymptomatic and he had no symptoms at all. and has not gotten any other covids..

  5. If there's no facts to begin with, you know it's dodgy, and if you get guys on the level of Robert Malone questioning it, you know there hiding something
    Nothing to do with AI at all…hmmm

  6. It would be so scary to be someone that got the jab and then here’s this information. I can see why they don’t want to believe it. It is very sad and will make a lot of people very angry to find out what has been done to them.

  7. 10 events per 10,000 and it highly effectively prevents serious illness. Its all about risk/reward at a population level. Stop looking at it from a single personal perspective. Me Me Me.
    Many other vaccines prevent the same data and risk/reward you just never paid attention because it doesn't generate views.

  8. Thank you for saying the difficult thing and facing the difficult truths of the matter. You are not burying your head in the sand, and thanks to you, neither are we. You are informative, concerned, and worthy of all the respect this world can give. If misinformation got us into this mess, information will get us out of it. Let's rile people up. Our current governments in US and indeed in Canada as well need to be overthrown.

  9. I took two Pfizer shot to be able to travel to see family. I have subsequently suffered DVT, major pulmonary embolism and am being tested for heart damage. All this despite superior health and fitness my entire life.

  10. I chose not to be vaccinated and contracted Delta in Sept of 2021. Had mild cold-like symptoms for a week, then all better. Then a month later, strange symptoms appeared, brain fog, tinnitus, and then crushing depression. Yep, Long Covid. Took me till May of 2022 to recover (under Dr. Bruce Patterson program) then in June I had a MAJOR relapse. I am told that I was probably re-infected with Omicron. My symptoms are VERY bad, brain fog, headaches, screaming tinnitus, cold sensations in my extremities, but thankfully I'm still out of depression. I am back on the same meds I was on before, but as of this post, no abatement in symptoms. If I had to do it all over again, would I get vaccinated? Probably Not. Many of these same doctors are now treating thousands of vax injured patients who display the same type of long covid symptoms. I'm guessing I would have been one of them had I been vaxed. I don't really know, but I believe the long covid is an immune reaction to the S-1 protein which can come from the virus, or the vaccination.

  11. Caving in and allowing the government the authority to mandate seat belts is one of the reasons why we are where we are at today. It should seem ludicrous to anyone that you could get in trouble for not wearing your own seat belt. Not putting your seat belt on your less than 16 year old child?…sure, that is different and I can see why we would have laws against that. An adult can take their own decisions to put on a seat belt.

  12. long covid is a nightmare. many have long covid from before the vax. serious outcome percentages from covid -19 do not include the debilitating numbers of long covid. people die who were unvaccinated and have long covid are not included in the numbers. long covid has been swept under the rug

  13. Siblings in Christ, it's not only about repenting everyday and just going to work or school or even preaching and not LOVE YOUR BROTHER, FORGIVE one day..the least of these people you despise…you shall be given back that which you showed in the field. Godspeed brethren, the time is soon, and we are on the precipice of seeing our Masters Glory. Love. Quia

  14. And vaccines are legally classified as unavoidably unsafe. They can’t possibly be called safe and good faith. And as far as effective, it doesn’t stop you from getting Covid and it doesn’t stop you from giving Covid. But I would argue the vaccine is doing exactly what it supposed to be seeing that we have an increase of 16% non-Covid mortality in England and in Alberta Canada the number one cause of death is unknown.
    I wonder how many people who died of unknown causes were given either the vaccine or the only approved treatment, Remdesevir

  15. To me it was clear from the start that this whole endeavor was about crowd and population control.
    Apparently there is no accountability and no questions can be asked in relation to the excess mortality.
    We warned people but they didn't want to listen. There is a far more darker agenda behind all of this.

  16. You will never sway the mind of those with tainted blood. It doesn't matter what you say or what you show them. Their fear keeps their minds closed, deep down inside they know they were fooled, manipulated and possibly injured. These are all very hard things to come to grips with and denial is the expected reaction. Maybe years down the road they will need to come to grips with this reality, I hope not.

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