“It’s scary”: Police swarm shopping centre with helicopters, drones, and horses
Local residents are baffled as the police show up en masse to patrol shopping centers.

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Written by Rebel News


  1. When enough people come ou into the streets, the fascism will end just as quickly as it began. This sort of creeping police state is happening all across the west.

  2. I live in Greece and I always used to think about how well organized and successful countries like Australia and NZ were… I really can't believe I witnessed such a video taking place there… What kind of science supports this? Southern hemisphere will never look the same to my eyes again…

  3. People are fearing arrest and court proceedings- if everyone stood together, they can’t prosecute the masses.
    This is beyond tyranny now, it HAS to stop.
    People should refuse the police entry to their businesses, they’ll soon wake up when they can’t get a haircut, buy a drink in a bar or get their cars fixed.

  4. They can’t get together to prevent theft and vandalism but these keystone cops can sure get organized to make sure you wear a mask. One day they will pay dearly. Pathetic show of power

  5. They want a database of people who refuse to take the vaccine. Do the exact same to them and take photos of all the government officials and police enforcing these Draconian rules. Put the list online and name and shame them.