It’s time to connect the dots on excess deaths – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

In estimates I asked the ABS the reasons for the jump in excess deaths. They tried to play it down of course by saying that an increase in the older age group was expected. The increase in deaths for the older age group is over 10%. It is clearly not demographic changes.

As the attached link points out the jump in 2021 deaths over the 5-year average was three standard deviations from the mean. Even after adjusting for population growth, this is still a massive jump in deaths.

The silence is deafening. And I quote:

“Looking at another page of the ABS website, it reports that there were 171,469 deaths registered in 2021, an increase of 10,169 from 2020 (161,300)……. a standard deviation for this data set from 2015-2020, which gives me a standard deviation of 3031.

The average for 2015-2020 is 161,324. We therefore expect that 95% of the data should fall between the mean plus/minus 2 standard deviations and 99.7% of the data will fall between the mean plus/minus 3 standard deviations under a normal distribution …This means that the number of deaths in 2021 is statistically higher, in fact the excess death if you simply compare it to the average rate of deaths is up 6.58% in 2021!!”


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  1. I know a couple married that refused to get the jab they lost there savings and place of rent within 8 months of the mandates good workers good people now they have split up because of the pressure and lack of funds the wife stays with her parents and the husband is homeless he actually lives in his car in Waterloo this happened to alot of people people feel excluded and discriminated against for the last 2 years people still can't get work not just in aged care but labour hire companies and small business still have these in place there is no justification for this with Xmas comming up all hope us lost and the unvaxiinated are still on the outside of society suffering biggest bastard act in history

  2. %5 is a massive increase in excess deaths. I am no mathematician but surely it is a matter of calculating the percentage of the population growth and then subtracting that percentage from the 5% excess to get an actual true figure of excess deaths in %. Even if it works out as 2% or 3% that is still hundreds of lives lost. We all need to know! Thank you Senator for your diligence.

  3. For the voiding acts of fraud is with the fraudulent-conveyance of language by the -Statements or entries generally and false or misleading representation. IMPERSONATING A PUBLIC SERVANT. Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud

  4. Best of luck with this. Why oh why are all these sudden deaths being ignored. Who is driving this evil?????? Any autopsies being carried out? Why the avoidance? What are they trying to hide?

  5. Why is it such hard work asking these bureaucrats to answer a straight forward question? Do they resent being held to account, or, are they so wedded to a narrative that any suggestion that it’s wrong offends them? Such arrogance would have you sacked in seconds in the private sector.

  6. we all know what's causing this, they know and they knew before the rollout – this was all planned and they're not about to openly admit it as it will quite literally be their necks on the 'line'

  7. Australia has Senator Rennick, the US has Senator Ron Johnson. You folks should thank God for these men. Canada has NO ONE doing this work and risking their reputation for it. Pierre Poilievre might… but not yet.

  8. I submitted a form to the Immunisation Register and declared I didn’t want my records (as it was an opt out) linked to third party apps or software like mentioned here. Just like with a My Health record. Can you Senator investigate how many people like me opted out? I sent it via registered signature post but never got a reply and Auspost won’t help.


    A contagious & infectious illness called putridity has infested our politicians.
    The public must accept any attempt at remedy.
    Therefore the public must be injected with Artificial Envenomation in order to disable the public & to render the public incapable of rectifying the putrid politicians.


    It is now clearly evident that a very serious illness has infested our television sets & spread out of control throughout the entire NATION OF STUPIDITY.

    Some financial advisors now recommend investment in crematoriums.

  11. We see the skies are now covered in chemicals sprayed from aircraft against our will.
    We know that the Government lied to the people and called it condensation when it fact it was Alumina Oxide and Barium Sulfate and Silver Iodide etc…
    We see the trees dying all over Australia from the CRIMINAL GEOENGINEERING and we know that it’s only a matter of time before people start dying from the Geoengineering taking place in our skies illegally.
    Was COV19 used to hide the number of deaths caused from the Geoengineering ?

  12. Are these highly paid parasites truly unaware of the excess deaths that are occurring in their/our country? If so…why are they ignorant of this?
    If they ARE aware, why aren't they actively trying to find out the reasons?
    Or is it just a case of plausible deniability?
    Or maybe they just don't care.
    They are not working for the people of Australia.

  13. So More DEATHS is of INTEREST. How sincere. As is the unexpected increase of serious Injury also is. But When you meet the injured, OR Dead,, You want to be More than just INTERESTED. Because there are others that will be happy to take your job when your removed. Now THAT Would be of "interest" to all the population.

  14. Keep at them Senator & dont rest until they provide the Data but rest assured, it will unfortunately be tainted with lies most likely. I would suggest have a 3rd party Analysis conducted and not by the ABS.

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