It’s Time To Reject “The New Normal”

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. 2022 Comedy Tour
    Link –
    Rockhampton – Feb 3rd
    Mackay – Feb 4th
    Townsville – Feb 5th
    Cairns – Feb 6th
    Warrnambool – Feb 17th
    Mount Gambier – Feb 18th
    Horsham – Feb 19th
    Launceston – March 11th
    Hobart – March 12th
    Adelaide – April 2nd
    Perth – April 3rd
    Toowoomba – April 22nd
    Sunshine Coast – April 21st
    Sydney – May 7th
    Newcastle – May 15th
    Bendigo – May 19th
    Ballarat – May 20th
    Melbourne – May 26th – 27th and 28th
    Shepparton – May 29th
    Brisbane – June 10th
    Gold Coast – June 12th
    Hamilton NZ – September 21st
    Auckland NZ – September 22nd
    Wellington NZ – September 23rd

  2. So what's your normal then? Holidaying in Bali? Visiting relos in Scotland? Going to the footy? Well, off you go then, you got what you want. Enjoy it. You've had it since December 2021.

  3. OMFG! finally you use your platform for something actually useful aside from hating on vegans.

    p.s. if you dont actually know what vegans protest against, heres an id_ot proof version: you know how currently we are fighting for our freedom and liberty? yes? okay well animals already have lost all of that and systematically get r_pd, abused, inj_ct_d, sometimes force masked and then k_ll_d just for Your pleasure. get it now? yes? okay cool

  4. 75% of people that die from covid have 4 or more comorbidity to what the cdc say , so why take a vaccine that might give me permanent health issue or even kill me for a virus that cannot kill me ,also having the vaccine wont stop you from having covid and spreading's it

  5. 5:58 is what's been happening in the US and I've been saying got all along. Glad to see you putting up this kind of content. I don't know if you'll read this bc you get tons of other comments but I've been subbed since like 50k subs and to see you explore to almost two million is very satisfying. I e always agreed with and Loved your content. Thank you Isasc for always giving a laugh and being a good motha fucka. Peace in the middle east buh bye✌️👋

  6. About time we get this msg from aus. Here in London Australia used to be like the promised land, I always wanted to go if only for a visit. Now you couldn't pay me to visit. Prison island is not a place I ever want to go.

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