It’s True: U.S. Funded ‘Gain-Of-Function’ Research For Virus

It has finally been revealed that the NIH was doing “gain-of-funcion” research on viruses in Wuhan.

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  1. I will probably be stopped here but there is not enough here about the vaccines not being all hunky dory. Various problems have been discussed elsewhere, side effects by Grayzone, who do not lie. Other evidence but I dare not go on. My comments go for a loop.. I saw one specialist who wrongly or rightly said the mania to vaccine everyone will lead to a disaster worse than covid. 3rd vaccines, then 4th and 5th?

  2. All I'm hearing from the Vanity Fair article that you reading is that Covid 19 is from "bad China" or Wuhan and that no US officials were responsible but it was just China. It is clearly written so as to smear China and Wuhan and make China look bad in the US. They are just feeding to the Trump and Biden narrative of pointing the finger on China so as to justify more spending on more military and propaganda nonsense.

  3. When have we ever been concerned about people in Cuba or anywhere? Why do ppl always believe the CIA. If you tell ppl what the CIA has done over the years they think you are crazy. The cia are nazis

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