“I’ve Delivered”: Emails Reveal How Joe Biden Met With (at least) 14 of Hunter’s Business Associates

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  1. as this crackhead sells the whole country down the river , we all suffer watch sites above ground world news , trialsite news , suspicious observers , we are change , dahboo7 , crowdsource the truth 7, 8, enterthestars , and midnight ride – title – the hidden initiation into lucifer shows gen. Flynn pledging to the devil , the 7 rays thank you god bless

  2. I for one think that people in politics are stupid. When it is so clear that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have been in truth worse than Watergate scandal

    June 17, 1972. I think if people had half a brain and not political nonsense. In truth the government has tried to impeached for less. Yet it is clear that Democrats refuse to protect the country let alone there political party. This should be not only a sign of a corrupt government but in truth to fix this all congress and senate should have term limits. This would prevent such nonsense behavior. Such actions in my view is treason when your political party is of more value than the american people. .

  3. Yes, would be great to see the corrupt deals separately. Seems that not only would we have more details of each deal, but also a better understanding of just how extensive the Biden Crime Family Corruption really is! Thanks for the great work you are doing!

  4. my biden supporters always respond with trump corrupt real estate dealings to which i ask, who is president. theyll day this,is when joe was VP, and i say it all apparently continues. and the documented uses of Air Force 2 and probably 1 are impeachable, ooopps forgot who's in power, my bad!

  5. I still have the video of Joe Biden bragging to the press (as Vice President) of how he blackmailed Ukraine into firing their lead prosecutor or else Biden would stop the promised money Obama was going to give. And that they had 6 hrs to decide before he got on the plane to leave.

    What kind of idiot brags to the press about an illegal abuse of power toward a foreign nation?

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