Ivermectin Evidence with Dr Tess Lawrie

Thank you very much Dr. Lawrie.
Ivermectin interview, Dr. Tess Lawrie

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Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


  1. Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is 100% effective at killing viruses no adverse side effects cheaper than ivermectin and one can do in the comfort of home. One can read about it in this free book RAPID VIRUS RECOVERY at

  2. Is money and patents driving the resistance to this simple and effective drug? It would be a shame if people were dying when they could be saved by a cheap and available drug wouldn’t it?

  3. My doctor said, 'I'm skating on thin ice without this'. He would not prescribe it. Could the AMA be putting pressure on GPs not to prescribe it

  4. Spent tons of money trying to find the right medication for the herpes virus all to no avail until Dr.kwaloe on you tube showed up and eradicated the stigma with the natural roots and herbs i ordered from him

  5. its already a year since someone thought ivm could be helpful. Yet a year later its still considered as unproven by WHO whilst big pharma already come up with new vacs?

  6. I live in Canada. it is sad to hear that this I formation was given to Canada 3 months ago( in the 45 min).
    I actually found a study review from Alberta Health that compiled much of Dr.Lauries findings and Alberta's conclusion was( and I'm putting this in my own words): Ivermectin shows promising results, more studies need to be done.
    Since many of the studies were done in S.America. The demographics, lifestyles, genealogy differences in immunities and Health care systems differ from Alberta.
    This is why we can not recommend Ivwrmectin at this time as a treatment

  7. I want to thank Dr Ikpoko on YouTube and his Herbal home for helping me with his Herbal Medicine to cure my HSV2 virus completely. I have been living with the disease for the past 4yrs. Right now, am HSV2 negative after using the Herbal Medicine Dr Ikpoko sent to me.

  8. I am so desguss , cheep medicine and cure sickness , some Dr don’t want use it , one yers ago UCLA lady dr try to save life use good medicine which Dr Fauci . CDC against , and lost job from UCLA .
    So dis gusting medical society !

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  10. It's cheapness is the real reason why Ivermectin is NOT being used, in spite of its now obvious efficacy… There's simply not enough money in it! Bill Gates will NEVER get to be a trillionaire at that rate!

    On the other hand, he has already publicly admitted (gloated?) that his $10 billion investment in vaccines has ALREADY generated a 2,000% return on investment… but I'm sure he won't be satisfied until he's a real trillionaire (just what the world needs now, eh? Another trillionaire?) and probably he won't even be satisfied then!

    It's time to break out the pitchforks peeps, and head on up to Castle Frankenstein and DEMAND Ivermectin! You KNOW it makes sense! 😉

  11. So it makes you get better fast, plus having had it, you then have superior immunity to boot?
    "That's horrible! Must be censored and banned to protect the udderly stupid flock!"

  12. as a research scientist will take ivermectin as a prophylactic medicine have at 71 several university degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering tested negative for SARS-2. this is a logical anti-parasitic which has anti-viral properties, my calceferdiol, quercitin, zinc, melatonin are all good which I use for sleep anyway thank you for the information this is because it is off patent from M.S.D. it is about big pharma, I know I have no comorbidity. I think critically and come to my own conclusion to take 6mg tablets and then in 48 hrs

  13. It is annoying to me that the medical profession is only testing Ivermectin by itself. Doing so hobbles this drug and I wonder whether this was, in the first instance, deliberate so as to dilute the effectiveness of this drug.

    It has been long established that, for the treatment of a viral infection, a combination of medicines is usually warranted. No single drug is usually fully effective. In this case, there is evidence that a Macrolide Class antibiotic such as Azithromycin or Doxycycline has an amplifying effect. The first public indication of this was by Prof Dr Didier Raoult. It is known that the Zinc cation suppresses viral replication but Zinc cannot easily pass through the cell wall. Both IVM and HCQ are lysosomotropic ionophores. In other words, they easily pass through the cell wall and, as an ionophore, will carry the Zinc cation into the human cell. Certain medical authorities recommend Melatonin. Next, we move onto an anticoagulant. This disease seems to increase the risk of thrombosis. If the patient is not already taking an anti-clotting medication, it is prudent to put them onto low dose aspirin. Of interest, this is, in fact, protocol for all patients (not just COVID-19 sufferers) in Queensland hospitals if there are not contra-indications.

  14. Disappointing that Dr Campbell would state that HCQ does not work. Very disappointing. See my comments below. HCQ is a lysosomotropic ionophore. Aside from the effect it may, or may not have, countering the ability of COVID-19 to infect and harm humans, it does have the ability to carry zinc into human cells and the zinc interferes with viral replication. The benefits of zinc are well established.

    Dr Vladimir Zelenko has achieved "off the board" success using HCQ in combination with AZM, Zinc and an anticoagulant as appropriate to the patient's medicinal circumstances. I am surprised therefore that Dr Campbell has chosen to ignore the opinion and real-life success of one of his own profession.

  15. Well, we are now in July. The data on Ivermectin is even stronger, yet it is now heavily censored on social media and elsewhere. It now has to be assumed that the CDC & WHO are corrupt and responsible for increasing deaths around the world. Could it be the fact that emergency use of vaccinations IS ONLY PERMITTED if there is no alternative treatment available? I think so.

  16. Ivermectin may have saved thousands if not millions of lives brought by COVID-19 if people around the world including Doctors and Scientists who believe that such drug can prevent and cure the disease. Kudos to Doctors and Scientist who courageously used ivermectin for their patients. However, vaccines against COVID-19 would still be given to humans as the primary protection against COVID-19 and perhaps Ivermectin as an adjunct or complimentary drug if necessary.

  17. Quite a few years ago I was a therapist working in a well known spa. At the same time there was a 'scabies' epidemic in northern California. I could not rid myself of these pests with the usual meds precribed by MD, and kept getting them over and over no matter how clean I kept myself and my home. I heard a local dermatolagist prescribed something called Ivermectin, although not approved yet by the FDA. I was desperate, my income was threatened, and I decided to change my occupation for awhile as well. I found relief from Ivermection at the same time the spa closed for a few weeks to clean up. (I subsequently found Ivermectin in a veterenary store for horses (although mixed w another chemical).

    I want to point out that altho the use of Ivermectin may be useful as a medication, one must also treat the bowel for the results also kill of good gut bacteria. This can be treated with strong probiotics. It may have other consequences with digestive issues. Best of luck!

  18. A class-action lawsuit ought to be brought against those persons and organizations that have suppressed any news relating to Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin’s effectiveness in preventing (prophylatic) and curing (treatment) virus illness. This suit should be for trillions of dollars in damages, for loss of life of dear ones, lingering bad side effects, damage to livelihood (company loss of income and outright closures due to lockdowns, loss of jobs, etc.), and other losses. Groups sued for this blocking of life-saving information include all the Big Tech Social Media organizations, the mainstream media oligarchs, the major pharmaceutical companies who had an obligation to disseminate life-saving drugs already available to them and who perhaps conspired with others to suppress news of this, like the medical associations that colluded with the pharmaceutical companies and refused support for those medications, falsely describing them, and so on.

    If any reader knows of class-action law firms or lawyers, please pass this plea on to them. They could become very wealthy themselves by representing the victim groups named in such law-suits. It could be the tool needed to break, at last, the monopolistic abuses of the Big Tech, Social Media companies that have arrogated to themselves the powers of censorship characteristic of totalitarian states. It could even overthrow the whole leftist Swamp that has supported so much evil in the last few years.

    The penalties for those found guilty, by the way, should be severe, including life imprisonment for all of the chief persons involved. These are truly crimes against humanity, causing millions of deaths and billions of people plunged into misery, worldwide.

  19. I was a long hauler, only took 2 dose of 12mg, and all fatigue, muscle, join pains were gone in 4 days.. no side effect so far… Its a miracle

  20. I don't get it! The evidence is clear= it helps, it benefits. And yet, FDA or TGA or similar drugs approving bodies are OK to approve "unfinished" vaccines products for emergency purposes, and yet something long-term safe as Ivermectin in comparison is not yet approved (even if on a temporary basis) to allow doctors to use.
    My view also is that doctors these days are not as good and experienced as say 10-20 years ago. Watching a GP watch a computer screen with flow charts asking questions and letting it diagnose a patient is highly worried some. This is similar to pilots these days so used to autopilots and diagnostics that flying planes in emergencies is risky with them.

  21. ​Ivermectin: BS, or massive grift?

    Here's a big problem: You can't safely give a big enough dose to reach the levels tested in in vitro cell cultures.

    There were two meta-studies. The first one includes a low-quality biased study; were it excluded, the result would have been negative rather than modestly positive. The second meta-analysis wasn't positive. A lot of low-quality, high-bias studies with poor methodology and low enrollment were included in the meta-analyses, but believers want to believe, and grifters want to grift.

    The randomized studies Dr. R. mentioned — were they blinded? If not, it's easy to unconsciously affect a doctor's decision to hospitalize a patient or not.

    Another problem is that in a lot of the ivermectin studies, dexamethasone was a confounder. There were a lot of problems with the studies. Thankfully more better-quality studies are in progress. Meanwhile, it looks like the same conspiracy theory baloney, with advocates evangelizing for their pet drug, as we saw with hydroxychloroquine, from a lot of the same shitty sources. Some people never learn, and they just want to jump on quick and easy solutions.