Ivermectin & Joe Rogan! Media Malfeasance at its WORST! | Louder With Crowder

Actually just kidding! Joe turned into a horse! Because Ivermectin is horse medicine!

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“Eat My Butt” #JoeRogan #ivermectin #CNN

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  1. Ivermectin won the Nobel peace prize im pretty sure. There are still people claiming it's only for horses. The media will only tell you to take drugs that make the pharmaceutical companies money.

  2. Saying Ivermectin is a horse medicine is like saying ibueprofen is a dog medicine simply because you can give it to medicate dogs. I get how this narrative would sucker people who don't know any better since it kinda sounds like the kind of stupid stories of people taking bleach to cure covid, but to anyone who knows how bullshit this narrative is, the claim that ivermectin is primarily a horse medicine that humans shouldn't take is both asinine and downright diabolical.

    I'm still not 100% (occasional coughs), and I didn't start to feel genuinely "good" until a few days after I finished taking it, but I got a bad case of the coof and bacterial bronchitis, and Z-Pak was a real lifesaver. Afrer feeling like I got hit by a bus for the greater part of a week, I felt genuinely better than the day previous ever since I started taking it. That stuff packs a punch, and I don't know if I'd be in as good a place as I am if
    I didn't take it.

  3. Don't take this stuff. Yes there is anecdotal evidence that it works for covid, but it can cross the blood -brain barrier and potentially do severe long term damage. Just take whatever you would take for a cold or flu. That's all this is. It's step one of the great reset, plunging us into global communism.

  4. Let's say… he had a regular flu that tripped the test as being the beer flu (because there IS NO EFFING TEST FOR COVID) and the Ivermectine knocked the shit out of his flu… like it should. But we cant.go and have people fixing themselves sadly now, can we?

  5. cnn just crawled up through the ooze at the bottom of the outhouse to show fauci as a guest allowing him to spread his bs lies! using this ahole is WORSE THAN SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, MUCH WORSE! THIS IS INDICATIVE OF SHOWING cnn's RATINGS OF BEING WAY BELOW THE LOWEST!

  6. Joe Rogan actually said "We threw the kitchen sink at it" so who the fuck knows what if any of those things helped. It's fact that the vast majority of people will get either no of very mild symptoms. Joe is really healthy so there is a good chance he would have been fine within a few days without anything. This guy explains and shows the studies that this is based on

  7. The medical profession has become evil to it's core. Drug dealers who won't allow OTC life saving drugs to be sold. Got news for ya. The vast majority of the entire world can buy antibiotics over the counter. I wander how many have died at their hands because they don't have the money to see a doctor? Millions of Americans have died I'm betting. The vast majority of MDs won't prescribe cheaper but effective meds if big pharma objects.

  8. Ummm it is also an antiviral so not just an antiparasitic. Why do people think doctors tried using it in the first place??? In some circles was considered such a hood drug was said its a cure all. It won a Nobel prize.It's also used for skin issues like rosacia. I was sick for a long period of time and took ivermectin and yes it did work. And not only that. But if you take any meds don't care if it's tylenol…if you use too much and over dose yourself on it then of course you're going to have some kind of poisoning. Listen there's pharmacist who have said there's nothing in them…even the horse kind that is harmful to humans. So they can kiss my ass. And now my system is def better that even the booster shot so again they can kiss my ass and @%$k off. I'm not taking the damn shot. And it is a total lie and there are doctors around the world using it and saying it works but it's cheap and doesn't make big pharmaceutical company near as much money. It's all about the freaking money and is stupid.such greed and deception. All people need to do is a bunch of research to find this out…if the commi bastards haven't taken it down and sensored it so people don't have access to the whole truth anymore. But as of a month ago it was there. But hey if they can't control your guns then they'll control your health and food supply till they weaken people to be sheep so they can herd them in for the slaughter….emotionally or however they see fit.

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