Ivermectin or The Jab? Niko House and Jangle Debate

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  1. Also his argument that the numbers aren't verified goes the same for people who might get covid with the vax. like you said, if there are symptoms before 2 weeks, was it the vax, was it covid? he can't be sure that symptoms before 2 weeks aren't covid. i think youre onto something tho earlier Niko the virus i believe still mutates even in symptom suppressed vaxxers. Do you think that's why Delta is way more dealdly? before the vax rollout the virus was getting less and less lethal. if your opening statement is right that mrna doesn't mean you actually kill the virus then youre right people aren't getting used to killing it and its still jumping around mutating. it will keep getting worse and worse where they have to keep taking the boosters… and it might get bad enough where even a larger number of unvaxxed people might get extreme symptoms as well. Honestly though i wouldn't be surprised if delta is another leak. The FBI got caught testing bioweapons on the NY subway system. It is in character for them to keep us in lockdown. If people keep getting fucked, its probably intelligence's fault. I don't want to look it up but didn't they get rid of a law concerning diseases before all this started?

  2. They probably would let u in to a restaurant with VAX card but everyone should actually have to wait until 2 weeks after 2nd VAX but no one spells that out & everyone ignores that part..

  3. Love Nico. But he was to concern on winning the debate. Focussing on the tecnical part of how the government labels vaxxed and not vaxxed. Instead of looking when the effects of the vaxcien is truly on its peak of effectiveness. Which is afther 2/3 weeks afther the vax. date. He does not now how they work.

  4. Jangle just repeated CNN talking points over and over. Liberals are the worst. He seemed to only hear parts of Niko's sentences and did not listen to what he completely said.

  5. I'll take the jab. From my years of experience rescuing 100s of cats/dogs I can say vaccines definitely work. Only one cat out of 100s developed a lump that scared me, he turned out ok. On the other hand, Ive had several Unvaccinated animals die needlessly.

  6. Omg yes, I work as esthetician in the skincare industry and I have had several female clients tell me that they got their period right after the shot and were bleeding heavily.

  7. Was waiting a few days to watch this. Justin lost me as soon as he said "horse paste".

    A criticism on Niko. You're best when you stream alone but you interrupt anyone you're with way too much, this goes both for guests and anyone you debate. Yeah Justin interrupted as well, just to be fair. Even if you need to make a point at the moment, you do it at the most inopportune times and don't let who ever is speaking finish their thought. This happened a lot when Max was on the show a couple weeks back and Max was visibly frustrated a couple times when you did it.

  8. Yea… this was a shitshow. I don't think the majority of the points attempted were fully articulated, clarified, or backed up, due to all the interruptions and personal attacks, and is it just me or was Justin's racism showing pretty hard toward the end? Could've just been called white guy has a meltdown at that point…

  9. I was suspicious when I noticed how quiet Jangles' audio was but after how deferential the moderator was to Neko over Jangles…

    Yeah, I can see why the daily beast would call you two the dirtbag left…

  10. Wait did he say that the vaccine is creating the vatiants? I mean werent all the past variants created from the unvaccinated because we didn't have a vaccine to spread when Delta and the other variants which is completely different than the flu vaccine which has been around for decades.

  11. It's sad that Niko dad died but if he thinks getting the vaccine was told or is supposed to make you automatic vaccinated the next day is just not true. I hope he stops saying that is the case. It's an emotional situation, but we cannot let our feelings negate the facts. Jangles should've not gotten loud and started smearing Niko because it takes away from some of the good points on how some folks are taking the Vaers self reporting site as fact. Literally I know folks who made up some BS and posted on the site. It's that easy. Good luck everyone. Stay safe

  12. Convo couch always cuts the volume of the person they oppose by 50%. Pasta is a terribly biased moderator & Niko House & Pasta are liars & grifters. Hope they're getting lots of $$ from their republican audience

  13. Holy shit. I saw Niko blustering about this debate on Twitter, and THIS is what you were so proud of? This was laughable. If anyone asks what the dunning kruger effect is, I'm going to link them this video.

    When something as basic as "this data is unverified, so it needs to be verified before we should cite it as reliable data" stymies a person, they probably shouldn't even be having the debate.

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