J. K. Rowling Is Actually BASED? Twitter Tries Cancelling Her AGAIN But She DOUBLES DOWN!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Since these perverse liars (no, I will never stop calling them that) demand to be treated as what they claim to be, I have a proposal for things that typically segregate men and women – be it sports, prisons, special care housing, whatever:
    Take the existing 2 sex system and make it a 4 "gender" system. To hell with any other bullshit made up identity.
    Segment 1. Men's only
    Segment 2. Women's only
    Segment 3. Male to whatever trans only (including any and all elaborate transitions that can be summed up as biological males who are now claiming to be something else, ie. freakshow men only)
    Segment 4. Female to whatever trans only (including any and all elaborate transitions that can be summed up as biological females who are now claiming to be something else, ie. freakshow women only)

    Problem solved. Anyone who rejects this idea will only make me think they want to (continue to) enable these predators to do what they do.

  2. Um, I do not think prisoners can give consent. Effeminacy is the embodiment of traits in a boy or man that are often associated with feminine behavior etc. Yet men, gay or not are sent to male prisons. Btw if you are supportive of trans being a third gender should not your fight here be for them to have separate prisons? Cell Blocks and what not? However, if a person has finished their choice to transformation into their Identifying gender, they should go to that prison. By no means am I suggesting prisons should pay for that btw.

  3. The guy that pushed SB132 through has got to have the most ironic name ever for a bill of this type. I mean, Scott Wiener? That's hilarious while simultaneously being disgusting.

  4. This whole gender laws have a bunch of loopholes and consequences that it isn’t worth passing. Twitter people are insane and detached from reality. Good for Rowling to stand up against it

  5. The way I look at him if you haven't chopped off the sausage then you're not that committed to it go ahead and get some commitment go to any prison you want to. Cuz if you haven' lobbed it off then it's not bothering you that much is it.

  6. Jeremy are you insane, I take it you have never worked or been in a female prison. The adage the female of the species is deadlier than the malel, I'm pretty sure must have been coined about female prisoners. Imagine the most horrible, violent man you can imagine and then add off the scale vindictiveness, cold calculation and a menstrual cycle, then you might get close.

  7. what Rowling wants is NOT that these people aren't allowed to change prison based on their gender, what she's saying is that you have to officially be transgender. Meaning you can't just decide you're suddenly a woman right after you get incarcerated. So, if this were to work, there'd have to be more health care and mental health care in prison, someone who understands what it means to be transgender who can stand behind this prisoner with their move. Of course, depending on the crime, a person shouldn't be allowed to move (if the prisoner is a rapist or commits crimes mainly against women). But you can't just let any male criminal who's got smarts enough to say "I'm a woman" into womens prison, that's just stupid.

  8. I love her I think she is great I think her standing up to the leftists lunatics who ended up posting child porn in her comments just showed the type of people she is facing. Stay strong JK!

  9. No, the amount of transformers is not sooo tiny as you think. They're on the rise, with powerful institutions in the USA, UK, etc. trying to convince children that they're trans. It's a huge problem, for the rational side.

  10. Why are they handing out condoms and plan B to the inmates? Because they are having sex with the guards? You've got to be fucking kidding me. No. It's because of the hundreds of men that are requesting to be transferred into the female prisons! That's what this whole fucking thing is about that there are so many men self ID-ing to get into women's prisons. You read it yourself in the article there have already been many pregnancies and yes of course a lot of the Intercourse has been non-consensual this is not okay this is not a small thing. This is not an insignificant thing to focus on if you were a woman thinking about being locked up in a prison with a man who had priorly sexually assaulted women you wouldn't think that this was just some minor thing. People should be absolutely outraged by this!

  11. Its kind of like the woke left are actually hearing men out that say if you factor in prison rape, men get raped more than women, and so they decided for the to even things out for the sake of equality, they would let men decide to go into women's prison and rape there.

  12. I will support her as soon as she gives up on ALL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS including feminism.
    When she finally realised that's what created this mess in first place…I will stand with her happily.

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