Jab Injuries Australia: Real Australians Tell Their Stories of Post-Vaccine Injury

Many Australians have experienced injury after a Covid-19 vaccination and had their cases sidelined, minimised or ignored. jab_injuries_australia has carefully incubated a feed and a community that puts the spotlight purely on the victims and their stories…not on the science and not on the politics.

Ultimately we are witnessing the creation of a qualitative dataset that documents what others refuse to document, and what some pages sensationalise for their own political agendas.

Matt from Jab Injuries Australia joined Matt from Discernable to explain the types of stories that are being sent to him, the pushback he’s received, and the patterns evident in their data. Discernable was also interested in exploring motivations, dangers of censorship, false reports of injury, and conflicts of interest.

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Written by Discernable


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  1. Will we ever see justice for those who have suffered (and continue to suffer) in Australia?…either those who have suffered death or injury because they yielded to the mandates, or those who have suffered profound loss, vilification, trauma, bewilderment and exclusion because they did not yield to the mandates? Surely, SURELY, justice must prevail?!!

  2. They call these coincidences apparently, no wonder more and more people have lost trust on our medical system when it's been taken over by political agendas

  3. i suspect even getting the public to acknowledge what has been done to us will be years and years, it seems the sheep have been moved to another pasture and just want to imagine nothing's wrong.

  4. I had both my Pfizer vaccines by choice before they started mandating them, Had they mandated it i never would have taken it. I took it because i aint afraid of death or injury and wanted to do my part to help. The fact i got injured does not bother me i knew this going in was a posability, What really bothered and angered me most was the denials that the blood noses were a side effect when their first stage studies clearly showed a 8% chance of nose bleeds.

  5. Cafe Locked Out on r u m b l e is also documenting real and raw stories on a tour around Aus. The only justice now is jail time for all perpetrators and the stripping of all wealth and assets. Then ‘we will be happy’!

  6. I knew no one with covid .but I know 4 dead and 10 hurt badly .it's not the unvaxed that will be a issue it will be the vaxed that will go ape shit .when they find our what's really going on .

  7. My stepdad was in hospital for a week and a half after getting astra 1st shot (he has ms). Never got his second and they wouldn't give him an exemption. It was 16 hours after the shot that he couldn't move his legs, so went to the hospital and spent all day in emergency with him finally getting room by the end of the night after they ruled out a stroke and other stuff they thought it might be (they didnt want to even listen when i mentioned the jab) and then he got moved to rehab in the hospital after it got put down to him having an ms episode which is bullshit because he showed no signs whatsoever of having one prior to having the shot, he was using a walking stick before the jab and now has to use a 4 wheel walker to get around after he left hospital.

  8. I've noticed now that they Boosted everyone to the eyeballs, they don't even remove content speaking against it any more…

    Mission accomplished, bottom lines met.

  9. No sympathy for the vaccine injured. They left us unvaxxed swinging in the breeze to lose our jobs, businesses, to be ridiculed by family, friends, media and government, to be treated like second class citizens. Suffer in your boots.

  10. Got more sick from the shot than from covid itself.
    Also one week after the shot got a nasty rash on my torso. Never had a rash before. The doctors first question was “which vaccine did you get?” Told him and his reaction was oh yeah ok.
    They know but the system make them silent or they suffer the same as the tyranny enforced on the normal people.
    How can so many be so blind?
    The fools only care if they still get their money. If not they care nothing for anyone.

  11. I'm one of the injured, had to report it myself to TGA. It's nearly 9 months and I am still not 100%. The first few months was hell!

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