Jabbing Toddlers Approved Under “Emergency Use Authorization”

Vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer are both eager to gain approval to start jabbing the infant and toddler set and now, thanks to the corrupt FDA, emergency use authorization (EUA) is here to allow just that. Of course, the very young have very little to fear from COVID, so the fact that the FDA sees the current situation as an “emergency” is more than a little suspect. But why worry about such minutiae when there are billions of dollars to be made injecting an experimental vaccine into infants?

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the shady science and government corruption that led to this FDA decision.

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  1. The reason is…..they've known all along it is a viscious labratory created biological weapon of war. 1 infection causes life long permenant non reversible damage to organs.

  2. There is no emergency use. My friend from work had covid as non vax got vax got booster got covid again as so many other big names has The emergency: gimme your money!! Big pharma can suck it!

  3. I'm so sorry you were injured by the jab Jimmy. I am not vaccinated. I choose not to be because I'm skeptical of safety and why I would anyway? I'm not overweight. I've eaten a plant based diet for almost 10 years now and there's been nearly zero respiratory illness in our house (wife and kids) for the past 6 years. All of my loved ones who have chosen to take the jab have developed all kinds of health problems. They are sick a lot. Several of my friends have had strokes and seizures. A salesman that works at my wife's business in his thirties just developed Bealls palsy 'out of nowhere'. He's three jabs deep and the doctors told him they don't know how long his face will be partially paralyzed.

    It's the big elephant in the room we are not allowed to discuss. I'm concerned for my loved ones who were otherwise tricked or coerced into these jabs through the workplace threat. I happen to know that our town of 90,000 people lost over 400 hospital work staff positions due to imposed vaccines mandates. People don't want it. People are done listening to this bullshit. Don't participate in these experiments. Cuz that's what they are.

  4. The people who authorized this crap must have a deathwish. Or perhaps they want parents to hurt the medical staff, performing this absolutely unnecessary procedure. Either way, this is child abuse. Protect your kids….from all enemies, ESPECIALLY the domestic ones. U know what I mean…

  5. I get the feeling that all those UFO sightings are the scouts and our world’s elite have struck a deal. The fact that the previous sentence doesn’t sound as crazy as it should is terrifying. Admit it folks.

  6. They want to reduce the population drastically and move the remaining humans into mega cities on both coasts and then give the rest, middle America, back to nature to overgrow. Any time you hear about "sustainable development", that's what it's referring to.

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