Jacinda Ardern asked about Interpol email leak re stopping journalists at press conference.

Hopefully the PM can “verify” the details! Everyone wants to know the facts, why the mystery Jacinda?

The organisations named in the emails were approached last week for comment by multiple media publications in NZ and even Aus, they either declined to comment or responded by saying they won’t share information about operational matters. None of the organisations denied the contents of the email.

One would think It would be easy to confirm such a detail, especially when questions are being put directly to the PM now.

Props to the reporter for being on the ball, especially when he caught out Jacinda and corrected her at one point on the details of Avi’s entry ban.

For the internet sleuths trying to email the address, and looking for public domains as proof of credibility…that’s not how internal email servers work.

The story is not going away…

People are very interested in finding out why Interpol/NZ Police are potentially involved in curtailing press freedoms and the right to political communication in a liberal democracy.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Loved her body language. The last time I saw a woman pull those what I call arrogant dismissive faces was at uni. On that occasion the female lecturer was challenged by s mature ageed woman who questioned the lecturers understanding of wife and mother. The whole attitude was " if you think being a housewife with a white picket fence is your thing why are you at uni trying to better your life ". This mature age student took a swipe " If you think your career is somehow superior to being a wife and mother you have no idea if your alive ". Aderne as with all politicians of the current era seem to forget what it was that forged their lives. If you don't want to live in a free and democratic country Aderne move to China. Alternatively when a journalist asked a legitimate question you may want to remember your place in society, a servant of the people. What a rude arrogant woman.

  2. She knows exactly who they were talking about and knows exactly what was said about them. With teeth like that it's hard to lie. Everyone can see those teeth when you crunch them in frustration

  3. @00:55 that face she pulls I's meme worthy, in a thought bubble, write : just wait till I contact this guys boss, he doesn't know his place… silly pleb.

    Maybe someone else can come up with a better thought bubble 🤔

  4. So both the tyrants and the corrupt holders of various public office are revealed simultaneously. Heads should roll for this, if not, then it is more evidence that our democracy is gone – if it ever really existed.

  5. How can our Kiwi brothers and sisters stand her? She boldly lied to that journo asking her those questions and it was obvious she was lying. And one individual? I feel like Rolling my eyes at that one.

  6. How she uses "one individual" to deflect the question as if that "one individual" might or might not be Avi. Very sneaky way to dodge the question.

  7. Remember this journalist, he was a fine man, I guess we will never hear from him again, unless we visit him in Siberia. Jokes aside, there needs to be an inquiry on this, we should not let it be swept under the carpet.

  8. Be denied at the boarder… at their boarder, not your boarded, so the message was sent from NZ to Oz requesting… ? Oh info to be able to use to stop them… if they managed to swim over to your boarder, or row a raft to the long white cloud… ? what ya' scared of girly !

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