Jack Dorsey Totally Fumbles While Making Excuses for Censoring the Hunter Biden Email Bombshell


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  1. He fumbles bcus he knows he’s gonna sound like a complete jackass when the lies spew out his mouth, like always, never trust these big tech idiots

  2. Everyone knows we chose Ukraine's head of state during Biden's tenure as Veep bagman: Just look at the Victoria Nuland leak on Youtube for fuk sake. All of this is in the open and no one cares

  3. H. Biden with Underage girls…? H. Biden "knowingly" left the laptop behind…? Son intentionally wanted to destroy Pops…? was "Pops" taking advantage… using His Son for Profit…? John Kerry's step Son, Chris Heinz… Rosemont Seneca Bohai/Rosemont Capital… The ties that Bind.
    Money Laundering at it's finest…

  4. Tell it brah! Tell it like it is! You really have a fantastic way of presenting this info. I think liberals are looking at this situation and starting to shit their pants. If they listen to you they better be sitting down. This is the Red Pill that turns into the Red Wave. Mahalo.

  5. Wait we've had a massive surveillance apparatus for years that hoovers up all your emails. Why do we need to rely on guys leaning their ipads to know what they said? It's not like there wasn't provable cause to suspect Hunter Biden was doing something illegal.

  6. every day is a lid day for hiden biden ! have you seen his rallies? when I was a teenager a lid day was when me and my buddies grouped our 5 bucks together and copped a lid from my weed guy? three finger lids all day from spookie & dayne!!!

  7. it's kinda crazy when you think about it.. The system is entirely corrupt, both sides of the political argument would agree, its just that the VERY SAME corrupt system has convinced a large number of people that its "the other side", even though everybody wants the same things for the most part.. We have just been spoon-fed this "reality" by the television and the talking heads contained within that most of us know are full of shit. Yet we are killing eachother in the streets, we are attacking eachothers stores and homes, we are killing eachother when we should be asking questions, AND THAT'S THE POINT.. the more we fight eachother the longer they have to get away with this shit!

  8. "Funny" how socials medias will diiscredit and cennsor stuff about Bydden's family, yet allow tons of off the wall posts and info about Trvvump

  9. That’s basically what the Beatles did. They went to India thinking they were all enlightened. It turns out their guru just wanted to ? Mia farrow

  10. With the implications on others, both Biden and his son should be very wary of their partners in crime. If I were them, I would start making insurance. There is only one way to make the drive irrelevant and Hillary has the resources and motive to do it.