Jackson Hinkle Twitter Ban Exposes Twitter’s “Free Speech” Sham

Remember how Elon Musk was going to shake things up at Twitter and turn the social media platform into a “free speech” zone? Yeah, well, about that… it turns out that a week or so ago leftist political commentator Garland Nixon was banned from the site and now more recently The Dive host Jackson Hinkle was similarly permanently kicked off the site.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the reality that relying on a mega-billionaire to bring popular reform may not be the best plan ever.

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  1. Elon shouldn't be censoring JH. JH does edit though when he doesn't like your comments on his videos. I once said it was funny how Putin looked embarrassed walking next to North Korean psycho Kim Jong-un. he deleted my comment because I called a psycho a psycho. WTAF?

  2. I'm still banned because a year ago i responded to someone who was complaining about boomers by saying 'don't worry, boomers will die out soon'.
    I appealed this week…thinking this ridiculousness would be undone…. and i literally got an email yesterday saying my account would stay permanently banned for 'promoting violence and directly attacking or threatening other people'

  3. as long as human-drones out number real humans we may not have humane platforms…we need to step hard on improving our human count against drones which is exploding…a real challenge and threat indeed…

  4. well that was certainly a brief honeymoon! obviously, musk is in full support of the non stop mainstream warmongering we see daily. if voices as sane and honest as scott ritter and jackson hinkle are banned, musk has shown himself to be a hollow, transparent authoritarian who will do as he pleases without regard to our constitutional.

  5. Elon is being heavily attacked now by Democrat for Hunter Bidens case. It's unwise to take down people like Jackson who would be helpful in defending him on that point. This guy isn't as smart as people think.

  6. Western "free speech" is a joke. They say about dictators and other no english speaking countries as tyranny this, oppression that, but, when you look closely, free speech nowadays is for the ones that can pay for it. The same way that judiciary system guarantee the freedom for who can pay for it.

  7. If you think Elon is for anything except what he speaks against then your up in the night. He is the highest subsidized person in the world at the forefront of every WEF idea bringing it all in for them. Can't you see that? If not step back and look again. You have been duped.

  8. Disappointing. When you censor people exposing the ukr. war on one side and kovvid research on one side then that's not free speech. Arguably the two most important subjects in the world atm, broadly speaking.

  9. It would appear that Jackson Hinkle is NOT banned on twitter as of now. That would be consistent with my working assumption that there are still rouge employees at Twitter who are banning people, and Elon is ferreting them out as quickly as possible. Patience folks, it's gonna take some time.

  10. So, Assange and Snowden are Elon's fault?
    People pretend like Elon is sitting in front of a twitter terminal 24/7 and writing code…
    Maybe its because I am old and been an engineer for more than 3 decades, but I measure progress by looking at whether a system is incrementally better week by week.
    Other people seem to believe that not having everything be 100% better instantly is failure.
    I wonder which worldview is more realistic?

  11. I just wanna say that Kurt’s comedic relief with all of Jimmys coverage is so nice to have lol he says the funniest shit when he said it’s Jackson’s hair from the future warning him not to send those spam tweets 🤣🤣🤣

  12. It may just be an algorithmic mistake…?something the new team hasn’t addressed yet.

    If it’s not, I guess lefties will feel the pain of what’s been happening this whole time and they didn’t care. But it shouldn’t have been that way for either side.

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