Jacob Blake Physically Attacked Officers Before they Shot Him (News You Won’t See on the News!)


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  1. Kenosha officials update public on Jacob Blake case.
    Wed, August 26 2 p.m. EDT.
    Sources: Washington Post(Media Bias Rating: Lean Left)

    2019 U.S. Census Bureau of Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Population and demographics
    Native Americans originally named the area Kenozia, or “place of the Pike.” In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded that the overwhelming majority of residents, 66.7%, identified themselves as white, 17.6% Hispanic or Latino and 11.5% Black or African American. The median age in Kenosha County is about 39. The city was an important shipping port on the Great Lakes and has been growing in recent years.

    Kenosha’s biggest industries are in manufacturing and health care, though the city is also known for tourism and transportation, given its location on Lake Michigan and proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee. Warehousing became big after Amazon built some of its facilities in the area. The city recently led the state in private sector employment growth and houses the headquarters of a few global companies, including Snap-on Tools; Jockey International, which sells underwear, sleepwear and sportswear; and Uline, which provides shipping and business supplies.
    Despite recent growth, Kenosha’s economy has fallen below the national rate. The city’s median household income from 2014-18 was about $53,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That was $10,000 below the national rate of about $63,000 in 2018. About 18% of Kenosha residents were listed in the U.S. Census as living in poverty in 2019.

    Kenosha County is represented in Congress by Bryan Steil, a Republican elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. The city has long been led by Mayor John Antaramian, a Democrat first elected in 1992. True to Wisconsin’s status as a battleground state, Kenosha County has seen tight elections between Democrats and Republicans in recent years. In 2016, Donald Trump narrowly won the county by .33%, or 255 votes, over Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. That was the first time a Republican had won the county since 1972.

  2. You would have to believe that the cops involved were either the dumbest people on the planet or the most evil for them to just shoot this guy for no reason. Given how BLM feels about cops I know what they think about them but for the rest of us a little common sense is needed.

  3. I saw NO video proof of Jacob Blakes "wrestling" an officer – only a video of him walking tired or drunk looking to his car- opening the door- and the cop basically shooting him soon therafter- no physical altercation of any kind is shown initiating from him! This is the SECOND time I feel you are reporting HEARSAY/rumor as if it's fact! The 1st time was when you said George Floyd was being aggressive FIRST before being shot- when I looked at that same video you saw I saw the COP being the ASSHOLE to a frightened man pleading for his life! I couldn't get myself to see the rest because how it started in the first minute was BAD enough and made the OFFICIER look heartless- it didn't make Floyd look like the aggressor at ALL!

  4. Won’t see on mainstream news? Apparently won’t see here either. Where is there a link in the description? You never mentioned a source. Sadly you are losing your integrity Styx. Get in point I expect more from you than the legacy media sadly

  5. George Parry has a detailed analysis of the George Floyd arrest. They did the difficult arrest “by the book”, he died of a fentanyl overdose, he was still talking while he was supposedly being choked. Everything about it exonerated the police. knowledgeisgooddotcom.

  6. The mass media is nothing more than a Domestic Enemy that propagates nothing but Lies, Hate, Propaganda and Domestic Terrorism that is financed and supported by the Deep State Fascist and communist Chinese.

  7. I saw a guy once, probably about near 400 lbs, being arrested… he was so high, that it took 4 tasers to drop him… and pepper had no effect…