Jaime Herrera Beutler May Actually Lose in Washington 3

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  1. "Hey! Wait a minute! Mail in voting would make cheating undetectable, leaving no evidence behind!"
    —"Stop, Conspiracy Theorist."
    "Hey! You guys cheated!"
    —"There's no evidence of that, Conspiracy Theorist"

  2. This really goes to show how full of it Ben Shapiro is and how much of a baby he is that better candidates are closer to constitutionalist than rino neocons whom just want to sell out.

  3. Jamie is my Rep and I was happy to vote against her. There are still conservatives here but we have lots move over from Portland. I hope Kent pulls it off. I don't know if he can beat the Dem in the general.

  4. Noticed that the primary always had 2 republicans but only 1 democrat. Republicans’ votes get split, dems sweep, happens every time. The republican choice that wins is always the one that is clearly the least likely to win in the midterm. Democrats clearly rigged every district here, state is regressive and corrupt.

  5. Liz Cheney losing her reelection bid will be the final nail in the coffin for the neo-con / warmonger wing of the GOP. Good riddance.

  6. Funny thing, I reside in south King county Washington. And this is the first thing that popped up on YouTube that even mentions this, guess I will have to power up the one eyed mind sucker and see what local media is reporting. A tip of the hat your way youngster and the family too.oh yeah cats..

  7. I hope she does lose. I live in WA-03 and she's terrible. She's not a conservative. She's never been a conservative. She absolutely loves big spending and corporate subsidies, as long as some of it comes to our district. I think she believes WA-03 is more purple than it really is.

    The good news is that most of the votes outstanding are from Cowlitz, Lewis, and Thurston Counties. Cowlitz and Lewis are definitely in the bag for Kent. Thurston is more liberal the closer to Olympia you get, but I think Kent will do well in that county also.

  8. Styx once said "Nazism briefly worked" and denied the holocaust. This moron has thousands of videos saying stupid shit and contradicting himself. "Tulsi Gabbard is a right wing democrat" 😂"Bombing Syria was genius in hindsight" 😅😅🤣

  9. Imagine all the gaskets the Dems will blow if DeSantis is elected Trump's vice-president! It's one way to shut down all the Trump impeachment furor. Another 4 for Trump, 8 for DeSantis, then it's Winsome Sears' turn!!!

  10. I’m the Newhouse Dist. There’s a fake candidate (Sessler) that ran on America first platform and was a total distraction from Culp. He stole well than enough votes from Culp (Trump endorsed) to give Newhouse the first position

  11. The people saying dems will win the midterms

    Are the same people that said trump is a toxic brand who’s endorsement will end any chances of winning a primary

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