James Lindsay Discusses How We Are Entering Into A Digital Dark Age

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Guest: James Lindsay
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  1. My problem with the internet is when uts the only option to do anything. We didn't need the internet to search on books, or buy with money if the physical store is there and you have physical money.

  2. digitally stored media can just be destroyed by a strong enough solar flare? Simple solution store it all physically. Aka instead of a hdd use a clay disk instead of the hdd's disk. How the data is stored shouldn't matter and the only difference is how it writes are reads it. Write speeds would be shit and overwriting pretty much impossible unless the material can easily be replaced. But the goal is to keep the data as long as possible. All thats left is to keep how the make all the components to read the data on physical media.

  3. Preventing the Collapse of Civilization / Jonathan Blow (Thekla, Inc)

    Jul 10, 2019 A discussion about how they make software and what this means by Jonathan Blow, Thekla, Inc.

    DevGAMMchannel (you can find the talk on this youtube channel)

    This speaker compares Joseph Tainter (American anthropologist) of the author who wrote "Collapse of Complex Societies"

    And compares Software to Rome, that right up into the time that Rome collapsed it was making amazing technology that wouldn't reappear for more than 2 millennia afterwards (he uses the Lycurgus Cup as an example for software of it's time)

    He say's that like Silicon (the Rome) has served us well but like Rome the energy and complexity to feed such a complex system (software) eventually collapses catastrophically.

  4. PLEASE READ, it's about the Metaverse, it's a real dream I had, and it has a point. You can laugh about it if you want but I feel its a warning.

    I dreamt about Jesus. He was a wooden statue on a wall. His head moved, and it scared someone sitting in a chair by surprise. This person cried His name out in surprise.

    Suddenly, Jesus said to this fearful person. "They don't follow the laws and so they cover me up and hide behind their traditions."

    The next part of the dream took me to a cruise ship. I entered an elevator and saw that some of its buttons had the number 666 on them. I was then shown what was on these floors.

    And on these floors were metaverse equipment that people could use to escape. Although, on the outside, you could see through the windows the real reality of things.

    The sun was setting on the ocean. But it felt like it was setting on the whole world. Slowly getting dimmer and dimmer.

    Over to the side, I took a bunch of items into my personal possession, but these things were more of a digital asset like in a video game than actual real commodities. They were things we actually didn't really own such as NFTs or crypto currency.

    And soon, the dream ended.

    MARK 7:6-9 He answered and said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: ‘This people honors Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’

    For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men—the washing of pitchers and cups, and many other such things you do.” He said to them, “All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition.

  5. Found the opening part about a sun generated EMP. Imagine a time where there were no Laptops, I pads, Desktops, DVD's , Cd's, Cell phones, Microwaves, or cable TV. All TV as broadcast and there were no personal storage devices to catch it for later. Music was either AM radio or records, and news was TV at night or the radio. That was my childhood, that is what it was like 50 or 60 years ago. All us old folk everyone slams will be able to operate and go about their daily life when the younger generations are paralyzed because they lost all their electronics.

    Something to think on next time people are slamming boomers.

  6. So like I've been saying this is why Gates, Google, Facebook and Twitter all want to be in China and India. Its all about data and human data trillions of bits of data that's all humans are good for in their minds.

  7. elon's brain chip. this is the lock that will lock people into the metaverses. he is heard selling it for disability,but what are our senses if not electrical impulses. elon brain chip would be able to remove your external sensory. and lock it into the digital sensory environment. the digital world. survival games are implimenting more and more real world aflictions into their open world systems, you have to eat,sleep,drink,stay warm,cool down. you get sick from many viruses,paracites and baterias.

    put all your external alfictions, eaht cold, hunger ,thirst, movment sensory into this chip then into the metaverses. you will feel like your walking,running,training even feel the muscle burns as you train. you well be satified when you eat and drink removing the thirst and hunger while eating digital nothing,but the body will not be sustained outside the verses. you cold outside the verse because you didnot have the thermostat on or your now out of money and you energy bills have closed your suply. winter and now you dying externally of hypothermia, or heat wave and your not dying of thirst and hyperthermia.

    what better way to lock the world into a world seperate from the real world. just by getting the brain chip to run your new mobile tech and ev cars, turn your appliances on and off do a virtual walk through of your home and get dinner cooked for when you get home.
    the brain chip can give you access to all your tech. then you think hey i can now access the metaverse via the brin chip and get full sensory over load. sweet as F*!.
    more and more get chiped because of this millions turn into billions. suddenly ready player one because one of those old movies like dune 1984 and is now dune 2021 and everyone is suddenly hooked into the remake. vr is an antique like vfx.
    billions now starve and dehydrated freeze or over heat,but the lock went on the sensory chip. your now unaware it is happening. you fed and so immersed your now forgetting their is a real world. it is more conspiracy theory like earth shape theories.
    this becomes everything like oh wait agents of shield metaworld.
    remember the 9/11 subliminals from i think ariound 1976 of two towers falling pretty much ever decade.
    wander how many conspiracy ideas are out their about a metaverse where we are already in one. ah yes elon is a simulationist also.
    he is also the person creating a brain chip that could actually be offered to everyone and used for such things as locking you into the metaverse, just as he is the man who wanted to buy twitter and most likely would of used it as a digital register for political disidence, and send in the police state thugs ghost squad. like their the ghost busters.
    did they want the auto mated system in place by 2035? as they shift as corporate tag teams to take the farming lands with biotek,big tek and big pharma.
    force vaccinations byt he same groups, force the compliance of nations through a world security under the name of world health authority.
    i mean all those big brothers creating ways to seemingly end the world population in favour of themselves.
    yep digital dark age for sure,but not with the end of electronics.
    anyway think i covered all this in previous posta under a different name. told you so.

  8. Electricity is going to be limited, or turned off some days , so how will people get access to digital cash that people seem to believe is such a great idea, or everything online, like social and so on, how is it believed to be such a great idea ?? Hackers shut down corporations and hack accounts and steal information and even funds .. let alone, governments shutting accounts of people in Canada truckers and people who donated to them .. yet people still think eveything digital is such a great idea ..

  9. Tim just discredited himself with one of the worst opinions on fallout ever. Fallout 3 is trash, 2 is the best, and New Vegas is the best first person fallout. This is objective fact, and any other opinion is false.

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