Jamie Metzl Questions the Origins of Covid 19

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1616 with Jamie Metzl.

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. Same as the so called answer about A.I.D.S a green tree monkey consumption. Covid-19 answer consumption of a bat. All lies.cover up from big Government.

  2. I love Joe when he’s calm like this and has a guest like this also. No over talking or trying to outdo each other, just an adult and respectful detailed discussion. Great work guys ??

  3. Joe always makes me laugh at what surprises him. If he checked out a conservative news sight once a month he wouldnt be so surprised all the time 6 months later.

  4. We want it cheap! So we outsource it all, even our medicine, to places like CHY-NA. They're not more efficient, the just pay slave wages and ignore environmental and safety protocols. Go out and look for products made 100% in America. Few and far between. Our greed did this.

  5. His basic assertions are false. 1. Zoonotic jumps do happen frequently in tropical countries, but hand foot and mouth, swine flu, avian flu and the great flu pandemic all came from non-tropical climates. Our modem farming methods promote this. Patient zeros for all of this were often not found.

    2: he claims people done eat bats in wuhan. It’s not a “Yokel” thing, the more exotic the animal the more expensive it is. They’re eating it because it’s a wealthy area.

    3: there’s evidence of a Covid or Covid like infection spreading in China at least mid 2019.

    4. Fuck the Chinese government, seriously. Especially their response, but I’m sceptical of “I’m just asking scientific questions”, it’s the basis of lots bad faith arguments. How many times do you have to promote your website?

    5: Should the virology lab be closed down? Probably yes. Should this guy make it sound like the most historically common method of zoonotic transmission sound implausible? No. He’s using his work in a totally unrelated field be the basis of his credibility and that’s just trying to bamboozle you.

  6. Idk if I can trust this guy….has some facts for sure….but did he just say safisticated while comparing Wuhan and Chicago?! ? Oh Fun Fact…..the 2nd out break of the bubonic plague (the big one) originated in Wuhan and was carried along the silk road.