Jan. 6 Injustice CONTINUES! 55 Months for Obstruction of Official Proceedings? Viva Clip

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  1. 'Do not go gentle into that good night.'
    I'm an old dog. Raised by a generation of vets I, know very well and appreciate. I'm a humble timid dog because I know my place in time but I now want to growl and maybe bite hard. Recently came across Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) poem 'Do not go gentle into that good night'. If you, dear reader are about my advancing geriatric age or even if not, but can heed his advice, you too may start growling a lot more and maybe fulfill an satisfying urge to bite something. May the 'Tertiary' step up and do duty because the the other lines are under pressure and bady need need support

  2. How can it be a breach if the capital police opened th doors and waved them in? It's not a breach. This is theater. When President Trump returns he will pardon them all and Nancy Pelosi will not be eating ice cream from a $24,000 refrigerator because she will be in Gitmo.

  3. Former Parole Officer (Canadian but still), I had an inmate who got 2 years less a day for beating a woman to death. To this day, it still horrifies me. Not to mention the many other murderers and rapists I dealt with that got far less than 5 year sentences.

  4. The judicial system is so politicized now, you can't count on it anymore to be fair, impartial, ethical or morally sound. I find this story very disturbing, to say the least.

  5. so many people are being hurt one way or another by the north American government.
    i am having difficulty accepting these last 2 years of citizens over the globe being presented with war-type tactics from our governments. we do nothing.
    these last 2 years are the answer to my struggle to understand the German population
    of the holocaust era. we do nothing.

  6. Thank God for Justin Trudeau and all the foreigners he has recently introduced into the government to help ignorant native-born genuinely patriotic Canadians find their own way forward. May he never, ever be forgotten for all he has done to help unite Canada. Amen !

  7. Because he scared Schumer. He shouldn't have scared Schumer. Schumer can scare everyone else and especially Supreme Justices without repercussions tho, thats his politician's privilege. I bet Schumer personally "oversaw" this case.

  8. Throw a fire bomb and burn down a building in a DC suburb….NO PROBLEM….throw a chair and be vocal in the Capitol….5 years in jail!! "You say you want a revolution…."

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