Jan. 6: They Don’t Want You To Know This

Whatever you think about events on Jan 6th 2020, are the current hearings just an excuse for more political theatre? And will anything actually be achieved other than more domestic terrorism laws that both sides of the political establishment want?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. An insurrection is a violent uprising against an authority or government. Yet these people are only being charged with minor crimes and not treason. Because they were not leading a revolt it was a protest that got out of hand.

  2. I long ago accepted the fact that the vast majority of politicians are out for re-election and financial gain as their primary motivation. The question you have to ask yourself is “which of these politicians do I believe will infringe on my rights the least in order to attain money and power?” In my experience, it tends to be more of the ones on the right.

  3. Citizen/persons(corporate entity)/democracy versus national/human being(non corporate entity) republic. Difference between a democracy where majority decides versus republic where no greater group gets power of choice over the other, republic.

  4. America was not founded on or intended to be a Democracy. Democracy is an idea that majority rules. That the 51% dictates to the 49%. Our supposed Constitutional Republic, which we have gotten away from, protects the rights of the individual from the 99%.

  5. Trying to charge Giuliani with making a phone call drunk while they cover up Pelosi actually drunk driving and hitting someone. You think they look at themselves in the mirror while they brush their teeth?

  6. Think about how many people "died" because of the BLM riots after they went home and choked on dinner, had a heart attack or got in a car accident after witnessing the BLM riots…it must be in the hundreds if not thousands.

  7. Distraction for sure. The swamp is losing so they are grasping at anything. J6 is a farce and now they are trying to smear Rudy Giuliani as being a drunk… hahaha that's because he let the dogs out on H Biden's laptop. How many of these politicians have been smacked down for filling their private planes with excessive amounts of alcohol on the tax payers money. Distractions for sure. Stop playing this ridiculous game we are not interested.

  8. All I can say as a 60`s scoop native William Combs was a HERO ! charging the queen Oct.1064,Marrying into Catholic Jesuit Political family just showed more truth as the many times Id ask my childrens grandfather what they ate at the queens I got nothing but stupidity like his second wife who liquidated his family fortune as he died 8 yrs after marrying her, She got a great $ system out of that stupidity ,

  9. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO HERE THE DHS GRANT STUDY DEFINITION OF TERRORIST that includes Tucker Carlson along with Trump as a terrorist in Stoic terms that INCLUDE A PLATFORM . You are more dangerous than you think Russell

  10. Yes, take down the capitalist's fake fairness for all, so called democratic. the world's worst anti-human, no integrity war machine, invasions and dictator imposing. Studying the history of the US "democracy" planting woke me up in 1994. The fake, so plastic US.

  11. The democracy failing in America? The USA is not a democracy it is how ever a Consitutional Republic by Representation. And that is where the problems are the elite in DC try to run it as a true democracy. They are doing just what the founding fathers warned them not to do. Give to mush power to the federal government. The power is supposed to be with the states, counties, Cities/Towns, and the PEOPLE. Not the centeral(federal) government.

  12. Although it would be a great sign of intelligence that a humanoid could solve all of it's problems without violence for now it is very interesting and satisfying to see that there is a great military force on the earth that defends this idea and I'm a believer that things could have gone a different because someone with the idea of peaceful negotiations decided to defend it with a gun. As weird as that sounds the only intelligent thought I can have about the matter is that some time ago a group of people that were naturally living in total community harmony encountered a group of humans possibly venturing from a hostile environment and began to fight for some reason. Luckily the peaceful people survived the encounter and began to learn how to protect themselves.

  13. For 2 years before Jan. 6th we had REAL terrorism with people getting shot in the street and businesses burned to the ground, yet that mob (BLM and Antifa) was labeled "Peaceful Protesters". The days of feeding the American public bull541T are OVER.

  14. There is no democracy in America. I agree with you about the government. It serves corporations and other wealthy institutions and families. It's a sick joke. However, those people that acted against the government were indeed insurrectionists. The problem most of us have about the riot is that it was instigaated and carried out by people motivated by racism, and prejudice against anyone not white, "Christian" and mostly male. I could fill a book with all the dispicable actions of the government against the world and its own citizens who are referred to as "consumers", but I don't believe the riotors have anything in mind except securing their own "power".

  15. Stay Free is a great song by The Clash. Jan 6 was a deep state operation to prevent evidence of election crimes from being heard om floor of Congress and broadcast to the world. Find out who Ray Epps is. USA has the greatest system of government that has ever existed. That os why we have enjoyed more safety, freedom, and prosperity than any other Nation in history. However, they got rid of teaching morals and ethics and with Hollywood made any behavior acceptable. Right, political correctness was always a method of control to stop good people from calling out evil actions. Look up Michigan Governor Whotmers alleged kidnapping plot. It's mostly FBI. THERE IS VIDEO OF Blm criminal inside Calitol delighted with his CNN reporter gal pal that they did it. Pulled off the operation. President Trump authorized National Gaurd for Jan 6th, why did Pelosi and Democrat DC Mayor refuse them? We have greatest system of government but it has been infiltrated and every branch of fed controlled by communist or at least greedy people who believe in the ruling class that was never supposed to exist here.

  16. Hide Away
    1 second ago
    I think it says it all that Russel Brand who thinks extraordinarily differently than the establishment Left or Right, has been embraced by the Right and Vilified by the Left

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