Janet Yellen’s Announces New Power Grab!!

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  1. So called pristine collateral is really a shill sandwich. That's why the demand is stronger for extremely short term shit. The one month will default in real terms soon enough

  2. When that biach announced that she didn’t know that printing 9 trillion dollars in one year would cause inflation, she should have been fired on the spot. Americans should have taken a weekend off and flood the damn streets countrywide.. but we are too busy working 50-60 hours a week..

  3. What is the CAUSE of the SYMPTOM? Well, according to your past white board videos THEY ARE THE CAUSE!! I think they know they f*&^ed up badly and now they are approaching DEFCON 1. This SIGN is synonymous to "Custard's Last Stand" and we all know how that ended. They are panicking behind the scenes because they have run out of ammo. Their academic financial models are distorted because they are distorted. Hopefully, the truth comes out when the smoke clears.

  4. George. Kings don’t find warriors, they create warriors, they take the time and make something more of itself, and what you have done with Josh is king worthy. I applaud you, and send you both strength.

  5. Nobody in Washington DC or Wall Street NY will admit that the largest contraction in history was caused by the Federal Reserve printing (counterfeiting) currency into existence.

    Who, in their right mind, would believe that a problem created by counterfeiting currency can be solved by counterfeiting more currency?

    Printing (counterfeiting) the fiat currency without a proportional investment in productive work in the general economy always destroys purchasing power leading to collapse.

    MMT = Modern Monetary Theory = Marxist Malicious Treachery = Communist-Style Keynesian Economics.

  6. So why are banks out of liquidity? Or are they? And are they doing this swap line in order to do reverse repo and buy back their treasury bills? Yeah we need a white board on this lol

  7. MMT is the thing she said was nonsense when she was testifying as fed chair in front of congress. It’s the only way a spendthrift government can keep spending when interest rates become so high, refinancing their enormous debt will eat all their tax revenue. The average duration of the federal debt has been going down as the size of the debt has been ballooning out of control (it was 4 years before the clown acts in DC).

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