January 6th Wasn’t an Insurrection, and Ashli Babbitt Wasn’t a Criminal

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  1. You should see how the mainstream Mexican media is slandering 1-6-21 over here too, they are LITERALLY translating what CNN is saying, word by word, Fuckin sad really.

  2. The Big Con here, is that The Swamp is shaping the minds of The Stupid. The Swamp has convinced The Stupid, that The Swamp is important, and the peasants aren't.

    Dear Stupid,

    We are hiding behind democracy, and subsequently will be removing your freedoms. Thanks for understanding.


    The Gummint

  3. The reason it was so easy to walk in there is they didnt expect anyone to acually march over there, the whole thing is a sham. Trump is an asshole and so is everyone in Washington.

  4. Yet again, the predator class is preying on the general ignorance of their victims. Thankfully most people don't seem to care anymore. What's funny is that more people actually support Trump now, and that's even in their cooked polls.

  5. Styx you are on point! The only problem I have…where the fuck is Ashley Babbitt's husband? I would be In the Capital every God Dam day demanding Justice. Money would not be a problem I am sure he would be funded. Not feeding any conspiracy, but odd

  6. Good heavens, uprisings in Kazakhstan? How will Russia launch its Soyuz rockets safely from Baikonur Cosmodrome? Will Vladimir Putin invade this ex-Soviet state to protect his space force? Concerned citizens need to know…

  7. I'm glad to see how pissed off you are.. a rarity. Additionally, you provide several analogous comparisons that diffuse/debunk the, "J6 was a terrorist act!" narrative. Thanks Styx

  8. January 6th “Insurrection”! What a ridiculous lie. How could a gaggle of flag waving white people strolling through Federal Government buildings be labeled an insurrection (whatever the fuck that is)? How about the whole year of Democratic supported and funded killing and burning that went before? YouTube, Google, the MSM, and all of you leftist/Communist fools are so ignorant. You hate our country. You lie, cheat, you don’t deserve to be called Americans. While I rant, let me say, fuck you Mr. Cruz and Ms Cheney and all the rest of the you RINOs. I absolutely despise you.

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