Japan Helps UK Secure No Deal Brexit

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Japan Helps UK Secure No Deal Brexit

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Given this is a “deal in principle” and we now have evidence of what weight that holds for the uk govt I guess we’ll just have to see hold long it will take to reap that massive .007% increase in gdp this deal “delivers”. How have we compounded our folly to save the bank balances of tax dodgers.

  2. Lets have some fact checking

    Why would the Eu panic as if they were panicking , Japan have to offer the EU the same deal per their trade agreement with the EU- level playing field clause. Boris is proposing to break UK law that is also international law. Lying about the transition agreement is fine, to the queen is fine, Cummins breaking the law to check his eye sight is fine. No consequences, why would they care. Japan gets 80% of the "trade boost" which for the UK its less than .05% of GDP, like fishing. Now the UK have to win that trade, the EU get to cherry pick as 99% is per the existing EU – Japan trade deal. The EU offered a deal that the UK negotiators agreed but the UK turned down hence transition period and not the EU fault. WTO terms effects over 80% of UK trade, 30% of UK GDP. Some confusion between a "political deal" and a trade deal. Trade deals do not stop other trade deals unless its agreed, thats not going to happen. Breaking international law is not a grey area when its acknowledged as such in parliament. – Thats me done 2minutes into it. Lets ignore facts. Who believes in a flat earth ? Do I believe brexit can work ? yes but only with a huge amount of pain,taxes, jobs and houses to pay for it. I hope its not yours. Meanwhile Boris school buddies are making a fortune off Sterlings misfortunes due to brexit and Boris's actions. So often if you follow the money you find the truth.

  3. No international law broken, Gina Miller most likely gnawing on her fist and a trade deal with Japan – could it be 2020 is going to end substantially better that how it began?

  4. we the voters have the might, publish the NAMES of these TRAITORS, come the next election vote them out of a job, we have left the EU, these Tory MPs should be behind Boris now, they are bloody pathetic.

  5. Who are the clowns who voted Remainer Bob Kneel ( down ) back into Parliament . They are a disgrace
    His constituancy should call a meeting for his de selection immediatly .

  6. Gina Miller, the best British citizen ever. He Supreme Court efforts to prove that Parliament is sovereign is precisely what we need to tell the EU to poke their crappy deal up their miserable asses. She has inadvertently done Brexit Britain a very great service. Hahaha!

  7. Jim Craig . You say The EU / Japan deal is no worse than the British / Japan deal . Wrong Smarty pants . . Unlike a trade agreement with the proven corrupt EU , Its not going to cost us billions of £s a year to trade with Japan . … low IQ Remoaners are incapable of considering ALL THE FACTS . ..Nite Nite ..Sleep well .

  8. Mate it is not a "grey area" the Withdrawal Agreement is not a legally enforceable document. Mrs May signed this document but it was never given legal status by gaining the approval of parliament. It was soundly rejected by Parliament which means it has never has been passed into law. I am sure you understand that only parliament can make UK law and that is so that a Minister (in this case, Mrs May) cannot commit the UK to a deal that has not been agreed by Parliament. The EU know this and is playing the only card they have left. It is up to us to challenge this BS coming from the EU. It is most definitely not a "Grey Area".
    The Good Friday agreement is law but is nothing to do with the Withdrawal Agreement. Providing the UK fully apply the Good Friday Agreement they will have fulfilled their responsibility. The EU have connected the Good Friday Agreement with the Withdrawal Agreement in order to argue that both are legally binding .Live long and prosper Mahyar.

  9. Good show Japan and thank you for being our first trading partner. Who will be next? China, we will gladly trade Nuclear Missiles for a new Virus. We will even throw in free delivery.

  10. these 30 traitorous MPs are a danger to great Britain they want to sell us out to the EU and should be sacked without delay and made to stand election for their treasonous acts

  11. It's a no deal brexit. The US Treasury chairman Steve Mnuchin testified in 2018 or early 2019 that a No Deal brexit was already confirmed when Theresa May was still in downing street because he was literally in London the same week he went back to Washington to testify…their economy and military connections to Britain and the E.U had to be secured and prepared for Brexit so the whole hearing he had to repeat on oath that it was a No Deal Brexit and that is what all the states with representatives at the hearing needed confirming for the businesses that have relations to Britain. I was told in 2018 that Brexit was no deal confirmed and that Everything from then until the day we are set to leave it would be none stop political theatre. I think political theatre is a bit understated lol

  12. Well by sticking 2 feet in her own mouth , She Miller has helped Immensely . Thank you Gina you did what Thresa The Appeaser was trying to do for 4 yrs and failed . Hope you enjoy the EU topping out party . Theresa the Appeaser , Strong and Stable , Gina Miller Intellectually and Legally Distinct

  13. In principle you moron nothing has been signed so don’t think this is a done deal? If you read the Japanese press you’ll it all rather hangs on the IM bill currently coming before parliament. Even more if it is secured you will lose more than 5% GDP over 10 years that’s a lose of more than 50% growth! Is brexit really worth this?

  14. Basing your channel on amplifying the only rag you can read (no long complicated (oh sorry difficult) words) “The Daily/Sunday Express” doesn’t make for great accurate journalism. I would suggest reading several but the UK is corrupt in this field. Reading other european newspapers to get a better feel is obviously difficult with your limiting intellect. Of course you could read the Iranian Post newspaper but that only takes seconds. Oh well looks like we stuck with your rag then and the drivel they spout and you reiterate (repeat)*.
    Note * for the more intelligent sheep in your flock baaaa??