JAW-DROPPING: Reporters & White House Agree On Censoring Twitter

At a recent White House press conference, a front-row reporter asked Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre if the Biden administration was monitoring Twitter since Elon Musk had taken over the social media platform, specifically wondering about the alleged “misinformation” that might be receiving a warm welcome on Musk’s Twitter. Jean-Pierre reassured the collected journalists that the White House was keeping a close eye on the goings-on over at Twitter.

Jimmy and The Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula discuss reporters’ eagerness to censor when they should be the most aggressive defenders of the First Amendment.

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  1. Is anyone else finding Jimmy's videos a breath of fresh air, now that Kurt isn't interrupting every 3 seconds with some inane comment or his stupid STUPID laugh? So nice to hear Jimmy uninterrupted!!!

  2. jimmy you and i are the same age and since i am still keeping myself in very good physical shape, i want the top bunk in our cell and you will just have to deal with that. i think we will still be good friends though.

  3. The Biden administration's mistake is that they are trying to kill the first amendment without first ending the second amendment.

    I guess they are impatient and are trying to do everything at once

  4. It's because they want to be Nazis. When you look at it objectively, from their perspective, it's not "our" society that they want representation in. It's within the dark depraved Hollywood, affluent elites, and politicians – people typically trying to manipulate "our"societies and communities for monetary and psychological gratification.

    It actually makes sense.

  5. Do THEY not understand, the more that they, THE FEW, threaten to silence, the louder and more aggressive and the more threatening we are becoming. OUR targets are clear and in focus, why do they keep walking right in front our line of fire? Fascists really are morons.

  6. Just wait until they say Hate Speech (aka Free Speech) is no longer the threat but now it's Hate-Think (aka Free Will).

    And they will have the power to enforce their thought policing and controlling when they use brain implant chips.

    Elon isn't a threat for introducing brain-chips if anything he's a whistle blower in disguise. The technology already exists. He's not the first. The fact he can fund the project and make them means they've already been made and are in dark military use. Logically.

    So him doing some good with the tech and getting disabled people to have some restored abilities is great. Meanwhile the technology is in existence. Which means it's already here on earth for use by every nefarious government and purpose possible. He's not the one to come out with the oppressive version…

    He's just making it known that it exists and we can do this now.

    Just like when AI robot butlers come out it will already have been a thing in the military for decades

  7. I disagree with you Jimmy. Free speech is only for the elites. Poor immigrant like me don't deserve it. I wouldn't know what to do with free speech. Sarcasm! 🙂

  8. The other guy, Craig is it? Is spot on about Musk.

    This is "good cop, bad cop" and until people peek behind the curtain, they aren't going to see Musk for his role in the broader sense.

    It is my opinion that people are not seeing it and are being fooled. I hope I am wrong but I haven't trusted him since I became aware of him, his companies, and what those companies do…which slip nicely like a puzzle piece into the narrative and actions of those who see us as chattel and peons.

  9. There are many incompetent, stupid people in influencing positions in the US. There are so many examples of support for censorship by the US and the mainstream media… This is a scary time. My head almost explodes when I hear people in my daily life buying into this bs.

  10. Liberals are OK with Antifa promoting violence and CP on Twitter, but are scared of free speech. It is about control and power. They have no true moral compass. It is just pretend.

  11. How is the White House taking away free speech? Oh yeah, they aren't? Oh whats the issue? BTW wonder what Dore and other liars have to say about Elon kicking off Kayne Twitter now? You have freedom of speech YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEAR. Dore knows that since he blocks people on Twitter who calls him out.

  12. In Jimmy's world, there should be no limit on speech. No lie is too big. No degree of misleading information is to great or too destructive. Tobacco companies should be able to buy hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising saying that new clinical studies by esteemed Harvard Medical School doctors has proven that smoking has no connection to lung cancer or heart disease. Donald trump should be allowed to once again tout disinfectant/bleach as a cure for COVID-19. Everything is fair game in Jimmy's world. Any limit on any speech is pure censorship to JD. Praise! Glory!

  13. U lost me with the 'this country was founded on freedom' nonsense.
    The building congress sits in everyday was built by slaves. You know better Jimmy Dore.
    Quit whitewashing shit

  14. It would be nice if this was "jaw-dropping" but in no way is it any sort of surprise.
    —Great point about how free speech is being equated with attacks on minorities. That has happened to me on twitter, where I'm told the primarily issue is sparing black people the sight of the "n" word.

  15. That blond "journalist" has been put there to ask this question. Honest answer would be: We don't need to look for twitter to find hate and lies. Look at us, the government, we are feeding you with hate and lies.

  16. You know the media elites were HOWLING when they saw Michael Tracey get recognition bc he has been shadow-banned while simultaneously being stalked by those whose job titles says they are MSM Journalists but whose entire career consists of simply repeating gov spokesmen

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