Jay Bhattacharya: The legal case against Anthony Fauci

Freddie Sayers discusses Jay Bhattacharya and Jenin Younes’ lawsuit against the US federal government.

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In October 2020, the Great Barrington Declaration was published by three academics – Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorff – who appeared on UnHerd to break the story. It marked a watershed moment in the pandemic, but the authors found their criticisms of COVID policy were increasingly censored on social media. 

Now, Bhattacharya is taking his case to the courts to prove collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech to silence skeptics like the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration. Talking to UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers, he lays out the evidence that social media companies were instructed to quell scientific views which opposed government lockdown measures. Who was responsible for this infringement? According to the legal case, the conspiracy extends to the highest levels of power in Washington, and primarily at fault is the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, Anthony Fauci.

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00:00 – 01:48 – Introduction
01:48 – 9:49 – Professor Jay Bhattacharya and Jenin Younes explain their lawsuit against the US federal government
9:49 – 10:45 – The case moves forward
10:45 – 17:53 – How is Anthony Fauci involved in this case?
17:53 – 19:36 – What does success look like?
19:36 – 21:21 – Why has Professor Bhattacharya thrown himself into the spotlight of this culture war?
21:21 – 22:54 – Should there be a case against universities who tried to silence faculty speaking against covid measures?
22:54 – 25:15 – Does this all fall under the establishment fight against ‘misinformation’?
25:15 – 28:01 – What happens if this case is successful?
28:01 – 30:09 – Has the vibe shifted towards questioning covid measures?
30:09 – 30:51 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. Why would men with this intellect, act and behave this way? I believe Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci and others knew that this was a manmade virus (lab leaked / bioweapon). They also tried to cover up the lab leak theory. They were scared. They knew that this was going to kill a lot of people. I wonder if Dr. Bhattacharya 's response would have been different if he and others had known the truth? Whatever the truth is, there is no reason for Dr. Bhattacharya and others to be treated this way. You need to understand that NIH has the responsibility for Pandemic Preparedness and Bioweapons Preparedness. This is a National Security Issue.

  2. Walter chronkite was part of the group who celebrated the georg I a guidelines, global, web, domination control goals. Fauci and others in influential positions are likely apart of that wef control goal. We know gates is all in. Sadistic at best.

  3. We are in a civilizational battle. To me that sounds more dire than culture war and I want it to. The corrupt corporatists that have captured our government are corrupt and dangerous. I hope the somewhat insulated judiciary are willing to bring them to heel.

  4. THE BUGG MAN is “UNTOUCHABLE” PERIOD! However some ov the Monsters that assisted the BUGG AGENDA gunna be EXPOSED HUh! Billy Goates and ole Georgey sorrow and the “Investigation” SCAM!

  5. Almost more disturbing than the government reaction to the pandemic, is the sheeplike response of most people to the absolute crap that was being passed as science…. and the loss of freedom

  6. The whole system is Masonic Cabal. The Judiciary are majority Goat skin wearing Masonic filth who are into secret brotherhood. Seeking justice is a comedy from the masonic cesspool. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. Fauci is 3 years older than the average age of male death n the US. Retire and prosecute the greedy old warlock. Thank-you Jay and Jenin. Great shows Freddie.!

  8. I hope there are members of the police watching this, the individual members of the police need to wake up to their role in tyranny, you need to turn your focus to what is right and not what you are being 'ordered'.

  9. That's because American government is involved in it that's why they are silencing people what they call it everything misinformation disinformation.

  10. That's the thing about covid scenario. Americans have the amendments Australia doesn't. Australia leave by American government policies copy cat but don't give the Australian people the same defending amendments you have. That's not fair how Australia is working.

  11. Definitely was man made because Dr Fauci and two other of he's partners were saying,we need to go over in China and release the patigens from over there somewhere, and Dr Fauci said we need to get the media to put fear to the public so they will get vaccinated 🤔 interesting don't you think? If you look freedom of information on YouTube, you'll find that video where they are saying this.

  12. Sorry for being so negative, but the judges are just as pressured and in-bed-with-the-government as the social media companies, so I would doubt that they’ll win. In Europe there have already been plenty of lawsuits from a few brave people of the medical establishment against government institutions, but they have either been thrown out (as happened in Germany, because the President of the German Supreme Court is a fellow names Stephan Harbarth and was handpicked by Merkel) or the judges have decided against the plaintiff. In another (in)famous case, a judge in the German city of Weimar made the ‘wrong’ decision and her house was raided and phones and laptop were confiscated.

  13. I guess a lot of people across the world will be saying "I told you so", now. As one of the sceptics, I'm pleased to see the groupthink dissolving, but angry it had to take this long. Fauci should be in prison, really.

  14. What interests will be the arbiter of what is and what is not "misinformation". For example, what if they were eugenisists determined to undermine the constitution and bring in a new world order through censorship, lies, propaganda, mind-control, bribery, corruption, and subtrifuge?

  15. This is an exact parallel to 9/11 where entire groups with scientific data were ignored and even suppressed to engineer consent to do bad things to good people.
    To this day, we have had no resolution and I am fearful this will go the same way.
    WE, the people, must ensure something happens here because the truth must NEVER be suppressed to 'protect' the bad guys.
    Jay, you must reach out to us for support..regardless of laws, regulations etc there is strength in numbers.

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