Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers catches up with Dr Jay Bhattacharya about his recent meeting with Elon Musk at Twitter HQ, and what he discovered about the Twitter Files.

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00:00 – 02:16 – Introduction
02:16 – 09:40 – Why was Dr. Jay Bhattacharya blacklisted on Twitter?
09:40 – 13:33 – What happens when Elon Musk gets in touch with you by email?
13:33 – 17:49 – What was Elon’s stance on covid and lockdowns over the pandemic?
17:49 – 22:00 – What was Jay’s impression of the other Twitter employees he met?
22:00 – 26:05 – What’s going on with social media?
26:05 – 30:58 – Censorship of the Great Barrington Declaration
30:58 – 35:16 – The legal case against Anthony Fauci and federal government
35:16 – 38:37 – Public health has become political over the pandemic
38:37 – 40:06 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. "They're going to have an independent oversight and integrity committee"
    MISTAKE. That only paints a target on that committee, and tells special interest who to capture.

    We need free speech, so that ANYONE can bring up problems. If they want to "capture" us, they have to do what's good for all of us. =)

  2. I CANNOT say enough about the integrity and interview abilities of Freddie Sayers. He's brought otherwise ignored voices to Unherd all throughout the pandemic, and it's so refreshing to see him bring Dr. Jay back to tell his story. The disgusting behavior of those who have censored Dr. Jay, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Kory, the FLCCC and so many others — these stories should ALL be brought to light. And YES, history should well remember how these censorship pawns so greatly diminished public discourse during a time that well reasoned voices were so needed.

  3. I came across JB just after the advent of the COVID plandemonium. He is a cautious technician who at the the beginning of the lock down was advising restraint in the response to virus. One thing I particularly remember is JB advising large random testing to get an accurate assessment of how contagious the virus was.

    The world needs more scientist like JB whose goal is to discover and reveal the truth.

  4. No prosecution for violation of power is worse than censorship. They can get away with anything. Great message. All sunshine and rainbow until 2025 then. See you at the next one.

  5. I am surprised dr jay, that you are so naïve! Even the richest people don’t like being sued or parting with money and they certainly don’t arm their adversaries with info to sue them on! Elon is a front he didn’t buy twitter, when he gets sued it wont be his money that pays out anything- the government will handle that as well! Your being given access because your credibility is gold! You’re a tool and implement! Twitter will be used to usher in digital IDS and the rest of this shit is a move to prove it’s a free speech platform and worth getting a digital id to use it! Elon musk is your uncle sam! He is big pharma, big tech, and big government all in one! He doesn’t care about the great barrington declaration- that shit doesn’t make his radar!

  6. He's not been censored by Twitter. His thoughts have just not been promoted by them. There's no such thing as free speech with other people's property. It's not to say that there's no problem with what Twitter did . They are exposed as editors which they have legal exemptions on the basis of not being.

  7. Elon should absolutely not be more moderate. Moderation does not work against ideologues and bad faith actors. Only punishment does. And that is exactly why Fauci deserves the worst possible punishment.

  8. Bhattacharaya is being dishonest on a few things.
    There is no way Elon is doing a better job than the last management.
    Firstly, the bigger players like Meta and Google also have censored as well.
    This so called bad management turned Twitter into a company worth 44B.
    And Elon thought it was worth it.
    If things were so bad, he wouldn’t have bought it.

  9. It could be argued that the effects Anthony Fauci’s actions resulted in ‘crimes against humanity’ (loss of life, loss of liberty and loss of property). And based on the little evidence that has been released, Fauci may have intended it.

  10. How ironic. Jack Dorsey and all those former Twitter employees that worked with the government to censor people are literally fascists. They would likely be horrified by that idea but they fit the definition.

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