Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton | Michael Malice and Lex Fridman

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Michael Malice is a political thinker, podcaster, author, and anarchist.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. Ovama is a fraud and should be in jail for life for treason ( not wartime) masterminding to over throw our government during P. Trump election and presidency) which hopefully is
    coming down the pike. Be careful. All his rhetoric as he sits with his multi (unearned ( American tax dollars (450 million) in the middle of the night to the enemy – using Americans as pawns) millions.. 🙏🔥

  2. Lex. Bill clearly thought Epstein wasn’t on radar. In fact…..he likely thought he couldn’t be on radar….with his apparent intelligence connections etc.
    Now…2022… however….he needs to answer some questions.

  3. Bill stopped f'n HRC many years ago cuz the boy just can't keep it in his pants. HRC needed Bill to get all the power she craved. It worked. They are both deeply flawed individuals but they both needed and understood what the other one wanted. Power, money and pu$$y!

  4. 1:00 it's not their BS detector, its their incentive radar that is being triggered. They aren't trying to actively remove BSers and leaches from their circles, they ARE the BSers and leachers in each-others' circles! This is maybe the whole point of this position of power. To have your metal tested, so to speak. And, as history shows us, and as you yourself have pointed our Lex, not everyones' gold is the real deal. They fly together, because, that's what birds of a feather do. Much love. Mairbek.

  5. With guests like Michael, I feel like Lex reduces himself from an intellectual to a facilitator for a pseudo-intellectual. I consistently find myself wanting him to push back more and dig further for truth on topics like this, but I get the feeling he's burnt out and is defaulting to mental auto-pilot for conversations like these

  6. Hey Lex I think I see the beginning of cauliflower ear.🤙 So about Bill Clinton I was teaching Jiu-jitsu in Astoria Oregon when he was there Campaigning and his FBI body Guards camp to my Class for some private lessons. I had a very interesting conversation with one of them who shared with me some very interesting stories about Bills extra curricular activities on the Campaign trail. Let's just say he definitely is a different persona when nobody's looking.

  7. He might be a letch but he certainly wouldn’t be the first- this is just political silliness. He beat them at their own game and they can never forgive him…

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