Jeffrey Sachs Says US ‘PROBABLY’ Behind Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks, Bloomberg Host SHORT-CIRCUITS

Jeffrey Sachs said “would bet” the U.S. is responsible for last week’s Russian-owned Nord Stream pipeline attack. Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave discuss. #NordStream #JeffreySachs #russia

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  1. There are two reasons that those explosions would benefit Russia.

    First, as a warning as to what they can do. Coincidence that the explosions happened on the same day as the newest gas pipeline from Norway was opened.

    Second, under international law Russia is obliged to deliver gas to Germany per their contract. The lines on "this needs work" or "that's not safe" can only last so long. However, those types of contracts always have a force majeure clause. Once those explosions happened, it is impossible for Russia to make the deliveries, therefore that clause means the obligation to deliver no longer exists.

  2. Jeff Sachs is one of the most respected scholar/economists in the world as well as a UN power broker who has spent decades solving poverty and many of the world’s toughest problems. He was named 2X Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential world leaders. NY Times called him “the world’s most important economist.” His views on Uyghur genocide has proved to be correct as a recent coalition of 30 muslim nations who actually visited Xinjiang along with the UN human rights Chief has found nothing of the sort taking place in the region. Anyone with sense can see that the US is 100% responsible for destruction of Nordstream as only they have both the means and motive for such a precision strike. Id take Jeffrey Sachs opinion any day over someone pushing mainstream western media narratives.

  3. One should be very careful before calling another a useful idiot. I do not believe in making excuses for Russia either. In that spirit we shouldn't make excuses for ourselves. We promiseed Gorbachev that we would not expand NATO any closer to Russia when he brought down the wall. We have broken that promise numerous times which means we have not acted honorably. We have backed Russia into a corner and surrounded him with nuclear missiles. If they had done that to us we would have responded in a similar manner. I personally believe that the United States is at very least complicit in destroying the pipeline. Don't be naive Robbie. We would definitely destroy that pipeline if it is in our best interests.

  4. On the matter of US' innocence in this incident, I would like to give our American friends the position the ENTIRE world, by quoting renowned geopolitical analyst Renly Baratheon: "The whole realm denies it from Dorne to the Wall. Old men deny it with their death rattle and unborn children deny it in their mothers' wombs".

    Our course you f*cking did it…!!!

  5. Presumably these two have spent their careers calling for an end to the decades of punitive sanctions on tiny Cuba?

    The USA very clearly happens to have its backyard and believes it's entitled to it whereas the Russians don't?

    Russia today might be a pale shadow of the USSR and the USA, arguably, might be the world's one true superpower but between them these two countries still hold 90% of the world's nuclear arsenal.

    This is a war that should never have happened or be allowed to escalate to the extent it has.

    This is very clearly a US powerplay and a mighty dangerous and reckless one at that.

  6. The U.S. and Europe suspect Russia; Russia suspects the U.S. And Jeffrey Sachs sides with Russia, and not for the first time. At least we know where his sympathies lie. Jeff may face problems over this.

  7. of course, the Americans are responsible for this diversion, from the beginning of the construction of the northern stream, they opposed it, and they also had military exercises in that part of the sea, too big coincidence

  8. Hey Columbo, the US has all the motives. Russia has no motive. What's Robby's reason apart from saying no the US did not do it? He should state a reason FFS. Common Sense is a rare form of intelligence. Only 1 in 12000 people has it. Someone needs to teach Robby how to structure an opinion?

  9. According to the logic the USA used in accusing China of Xinjiang's forced labor problems, the USA should prove that She didn't do it. If she can't, then she did it. Besides, the USA is indeed the countries that have the strongest motive to sabotage the pipeline.

  10. As a Taiwanese, I have to say professor Sachs has been correct about subjects to Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan. I'm glad most of the Americans are unbiased, fair, and wise.

  11. People, this war has always been a Proxy war between the US and Russia. Ukraine is just a stink'in pawn in the middle. We give them tens of billions to bleed Russia dry. Cough, cough!!

    Destroy the pipeline and there goes billions from Russia's coffers. What's so hard to understand??

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