Jen Psaki Refuses To Provide Data on Infected White House Staff

So much for transparency.

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  1. I am sorry, this video was supposed to be up A DAY AGO, but YT's system is now taking hours to check my videos. I usually wait for the system to check them to make sure I don't have copyright claims once the videos are published.

  2. Im a federal employee, and at work we were told we weren't supposed to ask another person their vaccination status. I assume its to avoid unfair treatment between vax and unvax.

  3. Just refer to Israel and UK infection stats. They do a better job with transparency than the US and actually reports on both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  4. The fact that tens of million or more Americans still instantly trust & support these politicians is quite telling where America's future is going. And it ain't so bright.

  5. We're nearly to a point now where they're going to demand to know vaccination status for every american to be able to get goods and services. Yet they have the gall to pull this shit? We're not only on the cusp of a civil war, but also another world war. This is not the time to play these stupid games. This administration is cancer.

  6. Psaki is a legit narcissist. The way she talks down to people is unnerving and annoying. You can tell she thinks she's better than everyone in the room especially when people question or criticize her narrative.

  7. "Take the vaccine or else you're selfish."
    "Yeah, so what if they're breakthrough infections because of the vaccines? Get vaccinated, or else you're selfish."

  8. Every time I see Psaki I just give up on even trying to watch the clip. She’s so transparently manipulative that everyone should know by now that she’ll never give an answer. It’s like trying to talk to a seagull.