Jen Psaki SPEECHLESS After Journalist Finally Asks Her A REAL QUESTION! Of Course, Psaki Dodges..


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. Soldiers are tough, we've slept and were in dire conditions. However, you're absolutely correct. They can plan for ILLEGAL immigrants, but they failed the soldiers. This is all a hegelian dialectic, the Democrats are experts at it!

  2. People, you don’t understand. This is all part of their plan, they are going to bring Joe down and Kamala will take his place in order to “fix” everything. Once she is there she will become untouchable and no single news media will never criticize her because that would be… well… choose your “ist” or “ism”.

  3. Liberal Hivemind…YOU are the Hammer hitting the Liberal BS Nail on the Head!!! You are awesome in your reporting on the hypocrisy, corruption, and sickness of what's going on with the agenda of the Left. THANK YOU!!!

  4. No matter who the journalist is, every single time they ask this lady a question they tiptoe around so much and try to be so hm argumentative and when confrontational it's like a child pointing out something wrong with a parent or teacher or principal. Like they know if they asked the wrong question they'll lose their job they'll be cancelled

  5. It's not "under THE pressure". I'm sorry to be the grammar knot zee (only because it's yt). It is "under pressure". No need for the "the". You're welcome. u__u

  6. I think that before the Government can spend a penny “We The People” “taxpayers “ should have a say on what our tax $ are spent on. Just because we elect someone to office doesn’t mean they have the right to waste our money!!

  7. The national guard situation should have never happened. If the Biden administration should have taken steps when the decision was made to call in the national guard. Period. They only did something after the fact. The same is happening with the border crisis. They won't let any media see what the situation is until it's been "cleaned" up. Fail administration !!!

  8. If low level staffers are disqualified to be working in the Biden administration because marijuana use is not federally legal, would it be fair to say, then, that VP Harris is disqualified to serve in the second highest office in the nation. How is it that she can fire myriads of employees for PRIOR drug usage, but she has openly admitted to even inhaling while listening to Tupac years before he ever cut a bootleg mix tape?

  9. Every time I hear hear her name, I think of the Japanese drink that I actually like — but I don't like it's price!! – And Psaki is (FOR SURE) not saki!