Jen Psaki STUMBLES In Incoherent Response To Very EASY QUESTION From Peter Doocy!


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  1. What gets my anger up the most, these illegals get here and our social services offices will sign them up for welfare. social security benefits, medicare, and other social services at the cost of the workers of this nation.

  2. Root causes? You mean they want money and we are printing it up and giving it away? Now I see the root cause! Do dems not realize we have a housing shortage? So anyone coming here is displacing an existing citizen!

  3. The problem is that about 75% of the adults in the U.S. are not listening to this exchange, at all, and ALL the Democrat voters that hear this exchange will absolutely believe whatever Psaki says, even if she if clearly lying. Also, of that 75% that don't hear anything about the exchange, will, by default of being ignorant, likely agree with Psaki…. For whatever reason, MOST people are totally tuned out and don't even know how corrupt and full of lies the Democrats are.

  4. It has been and always was planned for an invasion. Start treating it like one to stop it, else prepare for internal warfare, REAL warfare in our streets starting 2023-2024. Mark my "conspiracy" words. Guerilla warfare will commence soon within our borders led by Anti American backed agents.

  5. Before the Mexican Goverment was like "We welcome the caravans" Until God Emperor Trump said "Stop that!" And suddenly 1000's of LEO's were in the south border of Mexico saying "Nope, go back!"

  6. Failed at answers is an understament😂☺😊😀 the incompetents cannot be overstated. It's always the completely overly-emotional dramatized liberal response. The rest she just lied about.

  7. I am the walrus… Misinformation queen Peppermint Pinocchio should get an Oscar for that beautiful crocodile tear performance…Kami needs better drugs. Look at her eyes. Human smuggling, cartels, and military age men…hmmm.

  8. Doesn't the active dereliction of duty of the President of the United States not keeping America safe, in fact aiding & abetting harm to Americans, a treasonous act?

  9. She said they only stopped a couple of dozen terrorists and when two or 3,000 a day are getting across that they don't even know about that's hundreds and hundreds and thousands of terrorists

  10. 14k abandoned children! Can you imagine the trauma. Think of all the bilingual psychologists and people who need to evaluate the mental and physical states in order to meet their needs. The cost must be massive. We need a Send Back Better program.

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