Jen Psaki TAKING HEAT For This RIDICULOUS Statement… She’s Absolutely DELUSIONAL!


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  1. You've got to be kidding me. So the virus says WAIT! HOLD ON, you're going to have to kiss for 15 min for me to go from him to her. This is shit you wouldn't believe lol

  2. Hold on that's Russian propaganda the Russians did something so it made it look like Biden was shaking the hand of An Invisible Man all maybe even a transvestite but that's all propaganda that never happened Joe Biden walked out on stage like he normally does he didn't turn to the flag and stop talkin to it like somebody was there that's all Russian propaganda

  3. Doocy is like Acosta except he's actually good at his job. A good simple question about inflation (which effects everyone) and the prez responds with sarcasm. What a joke.

  4. Don’t blame Jen. She is garbage but she is just Biden’s cleanup crew. Can’t get mad at one janitor for having to clean up an entire zoo in a day. He will definitely miss some spots. She does lack morals for accepting the job though. She could have worked anywhere.

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